Make you PDM data visual using Manage Dashboards

   By Heather Dawe-Rose on June 12, 2023

When analyzing your Engineering data, it’s important to be able to quickly and efficiently be able to identify and organize critical data. TriMech offers several tools to help you take control of your data and provide your companies with advanced ways to organize and monitor your engineering and project data. Two of those tools are SOLIDWORKS Manage and SOLIDWORKS PDM.  SOLIDWORKS Manage has the tools to integrate with and improve your existing SOLIDWORKS PDM environment. One of my favorite tools in SOLIDWORKS Manage is the dashboard module. With Dashboards you can easily isolate and visualize critical information in real-time from your PDM environment using fully customizable portlets.

Bringing your PDM data into a SOLIDWORKS Manage Dashboard

Manage Dashboards allow you to pull in data from any of your Manage portlets using the Manage Data Wizard and custom SQL Queries in the Data Source Wizard.

Use the Data Manage Wizard to pull Manage information from relevant data sources and tables.

Data Manage Wizard to pull Manage information

Use the Data Source Wizard and Query Editor to create custom SQL queries and create calculated and custom field information.

Data Source Wizard and Query Editor

Creating Grids in a Manage Dashboard

Grids are useful for organizing data and adding filters and format rules simply click on the grid button to create a grid portlet and drag values from the data source tree to the columns section to create a custom grid.

Creating Grids in a Manage Dashboard

Right click on a column to customize with custom filters and format rules. Rules can be customized to turn cells different colors when they reach certain values, thresholds, or calculations.

Rules can be customized

Create custom data portlets

SOLIDWORKS Manage Dashboard can organize data using several custom portlet types. Data can be organized into charts, pie graphs, gauges, tree maps, and much more. Once in those charts, data can be made interactive and update information across other portlets.

Create custom data portlets

Drag in data fields and arguments to create charts and graphs that can then be used to filter your grid data using single and multiple master filters.

data fields and arguments to create charts and graphs

Using PDM and Manage together you can take your data analytics from good to great. To check out more ways that Manage in PDM can work together, check out our recent webinar.

And to learn more about SOLIDWORKS Manage Dashboards, Reports, and other functions of Manage check out our new Manage admin Training class.

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Heather Dawe-Rose

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