Less Talked About 3DEXPERIENCE Apps

   By Alaa Hosn on February 14, 2023

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform offers a wide range of applications to help users organize their data and resources. With so many apps to choose from, some may get overlooked. The list below is a few of the less talked about 3DEXPERIENCE apps users can find in the compass that are ready to be added to the dashboard. Get on the platform today and see what apps suit your dashboard best!

feed readerFeed Reader

Feed Reader is an application that allows users to retrieve RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed articles into the dashboard. An RSS is a feed that keeps users up to date with the information that is important to them. Previously, users would have to visit a website for updated content, with an RSS users can subscribe to a feed to be notified when content is added or updated. To use Feed Reader, simply add the Feed Reader application to the dashboard and enter a valid feed URL.

web notes icon

Web Notes

Web Notes provide users with the ability to create notes on a dashboard and to share them with others. The color of notes can me modified along with some font settings. After adding Web Notes to the dashboard, users can begin creating notes with the click of a button.

web page reader icon

Web Page Reader

Web Page Reader lets users embed the content of a web page or a PDF file into their dashboard. Some external web pages might not be embedded, this may happen because some websites do not allow their web pages to be embedded. When Web Page Reader is added to the dashboard, users just need to enter a title for the web page, the website URL, and whether scrolling is enabled in the embedded content.

quick links icon

Quick Links

Quick Links allows users to add any internal or external URL links that are used most often or that they want to share with others. These behave like bookmarks that are set up in a web browser but are located on the dashboard. To add a quick link in the app just add the name of the link and add the website URL.

metric reader icon

Metric Reader

Metrics Reader allows users to import their own data to analyze trends and get a better visual understanding of the data. Data can be imported from a cloud location, pasted into a data field, or brought into Metric Reader using a .csv or .xls file on a 3DDrive. Users can choose between different chart types to display their information. This information can be exported as a .csv or an image, it can also be published to a 3DSwym community.

mail icon


The Mail app lets users read emails from their dashboard using IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) or POP (Post Office Protocol). IMAP and POP settings must be enabled through the email provider before setting up the Mail application on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

media links

Media Links

This app lets users present any internal or external URL links that are used most or that users want to share with others but provides a thumbnail for the website. This provides users with a good visual representation of the link before clicking on it.

To learn more about 3DEXPERIENCE apps and the platform, check out our blog.

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Alaa Hosn

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