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   By on June 8, 2016

Do you find yourself creating essentially the same product over and over again? Could your products be defined by a uniform set of rules?


If you’ve ever dreamed of automating your repetitive design tasks, then DriveWorks might be the perfect SOLIDWORKS add-in for you — and TriMech is here to help you learn it!

Why DriveWorks?

970779_10151516794332341_732492326_n.jpgDriveWorks is a rules-based design automation program that allows you to capture the knowledge you already have about how to design a particular product and express it as rules. These rules can then be applied to the creation of “same but different” designs.

DriveWorks easily integrates with SOLIDWORKS projects you’ve already started and data you’ve already stored.

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DriveWorks can provide your company with numerous benefits, including:

Improve Overall Product Quality

  • Configure and preview projects inside SOLIDWORKS to eliminate any errors before the project goes to production
  • Perform scenario-based analysis for automated (i.e. cheaper and less time-consuming) trial-and-error
  • Create rules within DriveWorks so that “same but different” products have little to no variation between them

Reduce Repetitive Tasks

  • DriveWorks allows you to capture your expertise for an intended design by creating rules that can be applied to all future designs that are similar to the original design
  • DriveWorks includes a collection of templates (Quotes, Covering Letters, BOMs, etc.) that can be set up to send out an automatic response in certain events, such as sales requests

Reduce The Cost Of Custom Designs

  • Lower design costs due to automation of many aspects of the design process
  • Shorter sales cycle because of a higher possible turnover rate
  • Higher levels of customer service are now possible as a result of the higher project turnover rate

Respond To Sales Inquiries Quicker

  • The templates included in DriveWorks can be automated for certain activities which allows potential customers to receive a response quicker
  • A quicker response time shortens the entire time-to-delivery

All of these things add up to one thing = MORE SALES.

Upcoming DriveWorks Trainings

TriMech wants to help you utilize DriveWorks, and we’re holding training sessions this month.

Although many of our users are able to learn DriveWorks on their own, we recommend taking a class in order to shorten the learning curve as well as pick up tips and tricks our certified instructors have developed throughout the years.

We understand the importance of hiring instructors who not only have a broad knowledge of the software, but who also have practical real-life experience in doing engineering design.

Interested in learning more? Sign up for one of our upcoming DriveWorks training classes!

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Courtney Bala

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