Know Your Materials: Vero UltraBlack and Vero UltraWhite

   By on June 4, 2021

Here is another installment in the Know your Materials video series. In this video, we have some samples of the new Vero UltraBlack and Vero UltraWhite PolyJet material. You may be asking “What’s so ‘ultra’ about these materials?”

Vero UltraWhite-2The new Vero UltraBlack™ Black and Vero UltraWhite™ PolyJet materials by Stratasys are much more pigmented than their non-ultra counterparts. This allows for crisper color transitions and elements, such as labels, will look more lifelike than ever. The second benefit with Vero Ultra is the added pigmentation that gives more accurate color representation in thinner parts. A printed part with colors typically needs 4mm of thickness for accurate color representation. Now, with UltraBlack and UltraWhite you only need 2mm. For something like packaging, being able to have accurate color at only 2mm is a tremendous improvement. These new materials produce accurate color and labeling on Polyjet parts that were never thought to be possible.

VeroUltra is available in 3.6 cartridges for the J7 Series and in 4 kg cartridges for the J8 Series printers. The use of Vero UltraWhite and Vero UltraBlack significantly improves the color opacity and color uniformity. It also provides a smoother texture enabling a high-quality plastic appearance, ultra-sharp graphics and high contrast print levels previously impossible to achieve.

VeroUltra and VeroIn the end, opaque materials facilitate the printing of thin parts providing richer colors with sharper textures and texts. Opaque shades bring models to life with unmatched color realism. We at TriMech are really excited to see how these new materials push full-color Polyjet material to the next level.

Want to learn more about which Stratasys 3D printing material is right for your application? Download our PolyJet Material White Paper below.

PolyJet Materials: A Range of Possibilities

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