Is DELMIAWORKS a Good Fit For Your Industry?

   By TriMech Marketing on July 28, 2020

DELMIAWORKS is a Manufacturing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that is designed specifically for the factory setting to streamline the process and gain visibility and control from end-to-end. Some of the top industries including Aerospace, Assembly, Automotive, Food and Beverage and even Packaging are utilizing it to have a single platform to integrate inventory management, procurement, planning, sales, CRM, shipping, production, financing and even business intelligence. Let’s take a deeper dive into each industry to see how they take advantage of DELMIAWORKS.

  1. Aerospace
  2. Assembly
  3. Automotive
  4. Food and Beverage
  5. Packaging


3Defense and aerospace manufacturers face aggressive delivery cycles, complex global supply chains, a strict industry compliance and a cyclical sales process. DELMIAWORKS aids these A&D companies by helping them avoid the turbulence with industry-specific manufacturing ERP & MES software. From PPAP/APQP to Gage R&R and FMEA to SPC and PLM, your aerospace and defense quality issues are covered comprehensively.

Aerospace-Specific Features:

  • Fulfill AS9100 REV D requirements
  • Extended single source for all your data, from production through distribution 
  • Detailed MRP and demand planning, including forecasting and part cost analysis, to help you better manage your global supply chain while still maintaining lean practices
  • Scheduling tools designed to handle your specific processes and materials
  • Quality management and document control system with unparalleled real-time data throughout the entire system for enterprise-wide visibility and accountability


DELMIAWORKS AssemblyMass production became a reality with the invention of assembly line manufacturing. Even with the continued advantage of using this method, it is hard to find tools that can assist with production planning, product life-cycle management and maintaining quality products throughout the process. DELMIAWORKS provides features such as dispatch lists, labor reporting, sub-assembly support and line clearance security.

Assembly-Specific Features:

  • Assembly configuration flexibility for both continuous and batch production
  • BOM management for visibility across every step of production
  • Labor reporting for labor focused manufacturing
  • Process security with the ability to certify your separate processes or certify your employees for greater security
  • Product lifecycle management that will track products from the design and quoting process through assembly and to the end of the life of the product


5DELMIAWORKS offers EnterpriseIQ, a powerful solution tailored to meet the unique challenges of the automotive industry.
To manage increasing customer demands, always evolving industry standards and strict compliance requirements, Tier
1, 2 and 3 automotive suppliers worldwide turn to DELMIAWORKS for industry-specific ERP functionality to increase their competitive advantage and remain lean.

Automotive-Specific Features:

  • Tools supporting ISO and TS standards
  • Wireless warehouse management system and labeling capabilities
  • Automatic VIN and serialized label generator to avoid manual labeling 
  • Fully automated EDI processing
  • Product lifecycle management (PLM) to easily track products from the design and quoting process through assembly and to the end of the life of the product
  • Release control management
  • Multi-dimensional sales forecasting to aid in predicting inventory requirements 
  • Preventative/predictive maintenance tracking that will keep you informed to avoid surprises and setbacks in production

Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage IndustryFood safety regulations, ingredient traceability, shelf-life tracking, recipe management and seasonal demand forecasting are just a few of the ever-changing challenges that Food & Beverage manufacturers face on a daily basis. Whether you specialize in produce, beverages, frozen entrees or canned goods, with the industry-specific ERP and MES solution from DELMIAWORKS, F&B manufacturers gain the tools necessary to succeed and flourish.

Food and Beverage-Specific Features:

  • Two-way lot traceability with robust labeling options to avoid costly mislabeling errors and regulatory fines
  • Recipe flexibility with batch processing capabilities and industry-specific BOMs that assist reformulation
  • Multiple UOMs supported (volume, weight, pounds, cases, etc.)
  • Individual and multi-plant seasonal demand forecasting
  • Accurate and transparent inventory control by user, including batch, lot and serial number traceability to optimize turns and track expiration or best-by dates
  • Private labeling functionality
  • Robust scheduling engine to handle volume scheduling, advanced sequencing, wait times and other complex scheduling requirements


2From recyclable clamshells to top down bottles and pharmaceutical foil blister packs to flexible pouches, the packaging industry design solutions that provide security, protection, convenience and marketing to the world. But with these innovations comes a unique set of manufacturing necessities, such as the need for detailed lot traceability, accurate part labeling and production flexibility. That is why your packaging company deserve a packaging-specific manufacturing ERP & MES software that fits their needs and can effortlessly transition to mobile as needed.

Packaging-Specific Features:

  • Document control view internal and external documents, as well as email, from secure document control libraries with complete audit trails and history
  • Flexible units of measure Whether you are storing in eaches, producing in grams or purchasing in lots, constantly changing units of measure can get complicated
  • Lot and serial traceability for more accurate and compliant inventory control is easily achievable with complete lot number tacking and traceability
  • Regrind usage & consumption features Add and consume raw materials that are not a part of the master inventory, including functionality to track scrap rates, regrind
    usage, parison/flash and runner/sprue for material consumption

Factories across all industries face similar weaknesses when it comes to total visibility on the end-to-end process. Yet, each industry has specific needs that are unique to them. DELMIAWORKS is comprised of multiple specialized features that allow you to capture those unique pain points within your manufacturing process. 

Ready to dive in to implementing IOT into your manufacturing process? Check out this whitepaper that walks you through how three manufacturers implemented DELMIAWORKS.

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