Introducing the MakerBot Method: Carbon Fiber Edition

   By TriMech Marketing on May 20, 2020

Since the launch of the METHOD platform, MakerBot has been expanding the material capabilities of their METHOD and METHOD X 3D printers. This week, they announced the newest addition to enhance the METHOD platform; a composite carbon fiber extruder that further expands the printers’ production range so that it can now create stronger and lighter parts with carbon fiber-infused composite material.


MakerBot Carbon Fiber Support Extruders

This latest addition prints carbon fiber reinforced nylon that is optimized for high strength and heat resistance. Carbon fiber filaments combine carbon fiber and another type of filament material, such as nylon, to produce some of the advantages of carbon fiber-like rigidity, strength and low weight. The new Carbon Fiber Extruder lets you print strong, heat-resistant superior nylon carbon fiber parts. The internal workings come with more robust metal drive gears, a metal filament detection switch and swappable nozzle assembly. METHOD’s modular hardware structure makes it easy for users to swap this new extruder into the model bay of either the MakerBot METHOD or MakerBot METHOD X printer and adjust the settings in the MakerBot Print software. 

Materials Available for the New Carbon Fiber Edition

carbon fiber filament for 3d printerThe new MakerBot nylon carbon fiber material is an ideal lightweight alternative to metal for applications such as vehicular brackets and inspection gauges, manufacturing tools like robotic end effectors and under-hood applications. This material is exclusive to this extruder, and it is composed of a blend between Nylon 6 and 6,6 combined with 10% Chopped Carbon Fiber composite.

In case you’re wondering, here’s how this new carbon fiber-infused nylon material compares to ABS plastic and standard nylon:

Material Property ABS Nylon MakerBot Nylon Carbon Fiber
Tensile Strength 43 MPa 66 MPa 110 MPa
Tensile Modulus 2400 MPa 2200 MPa 7600 MPa
HDT 84°C 91°C 184°C


Carbon Fiber Options and Upgrades

The new Carbon Fiber Extruder is available for both versions of the MakerBot METHOD. The two systems are well-known for their carefully controlled environments that lead to repeatable prints that previously were only possible with industrial 3D printers. These two printers are the same in size, but vary when it comes to chamber temperatures and available materials. 

MakerBot Method MakerBot Method X


Controlled Chamber Temperature: 60oC

MakerBot Standard materials include:


Controlled Chamber Temperature: 100oC

MakerBot Standard materials include:

If you already have either the METHOD or METHOD X, you’re in luck! You can upgrade your printing capabilities by purchasing the Carbon Fiber Extruder kit on its own. You would still have access to all the MakerBot materials in each system, plus the ability to print using MakerBot’s carbon fiber nylon. If you don’t have either machine, you can purchase the Carbon Fiber Edition of either machine with all required components already included.

Ready to discover what else the new Carbon Fiber Edition of the MakerBot METHOD can do for you? Check out all the product details.

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