Introducing the MakerBot Method

   By TriMech Marketing on January 10, 2019

MakerBot Method is MakerBot’s newest addition to their 3D printer portfolio. A pioneer in the professional segment category built with improved, patented industrial technologies from Stratasys®, combined with MakerBot’s industry-leading accessibility and smart workflow features. Method will allow organizations to adopt 3D printing on a larger scale. Industrial designers and mechanical engineers will now be able to accelerate their innovation process and become more agile. Method is designed for professionals who need immediate access to a 3D printer in order to speed up their design cycles.


Key Features of the MakerBot Method

3 MakerBot Method Overview

Industrial Reliability

  • Circulating Heated Chamber: controls the temperature and quality of every layer. During the entire duration of the print, Method provides full active heat immersion. This allows for there to be a controlled cooling of the printed materials, providing higher dimensional accuracy while improving layer adhesion and part strength 
  • Dual Performance Extruders: built for high-speed printing without compromising part accuracy. A dual-drive gear system grips the material securely while a powerful 19:1 gear ratio provides up to 3X the push force of a typical desktop 3D printer. With this system, Method can produce consistent geometry through a consistent feed of material into the hot end.
  • Precision PVA Dissolvable Supports: enable easy and quick removal of support without compromising part design or dimensional accuracy. Water-soluble PVA provides unrestricted geometric freedom and superior print quality and surface finish without the need for harsh solvents of industrial 3D printers or manual labor of removing breakaway supports.
  • Dry-Sealed Material Bays: these reduce moisture absorption and form a seal to keep filament material pristine. Humidity is monitored through a suite of sensors, and users are alerted about any changes in the environment- a feature previously available only in industrial 3D printers. This feature is especially crucial for water-soluble PVA, which quickly absorbs moisture when left in the open with devastating consequences on print quality.
  • MakerBot Materials for Method: manufactured to exacting diameter and quality specifications. These materials are shipped in conditions to preserve them right up until opening. Precision and Specialty are the two material categories for MakerBot Method. Precision Materials are extensively tested by MakerBot for the highest reliability and measurably accurate parts and include MakerBot Tough, MakerBot PLA, and MakerBot PVA. Specialty Materials are for users looking for materials with advanced properties to push the limits of what’s possible.2 MakerBot Method Exploded View
  • The Ultra-Rigid Metal Frame: runs the full length of the Method body to offset flexing. When there’s less flexing, there’s more consistent prints with less failure and accurately printed parts.



Faster, Better 3D Printing

  • Smart Spool: an RFID chip that is directly in MakerBot print, provides information regarding type, color and amount of material remaining. Desiccant in the spool maintains a low moisture level inside the drawer bay. 
  • Capacitive Touchscreen: Users can navigate the menus in an easy, intuitive way. Provides the latest status updates of current print jobs.
  • MakerBot Print Software: Designers and engineers have the ability to use their preferred software. The MakerBot Print Software integrates with 25 of the most MakerBot Method For Businesspopular CAD programs. The native Cloud Management platform eases file sharing and team collaborationMethod’s built-in onboard camera also allows users to monitor their print progress remotely with MakerBot Print or the MakerBot Mobile app.
  • Spring Steel Build Plate: provides true flatness for unyielding part accuracy and enables the printed part to pop off the plate.

Interested in purchasing MakerBot Method? Click below to learn more about Method’s materials and specs and get your quote.


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