Integrating CPQ on your website with the DriveWorks CPQ integration theme

   By Devin Martin on March 1, 2023

CPQ stands for Configure, Price, Quote. While the term is just now becoming more common, the need for configuration platforms has been around for a long time. DriveWorks CPQ is a tool for manufacturing companies that allows engineering teams, sales teams, distributors, and even customers to configure products in real time on a browser, and receive real time pricing and quotes. DriveWorks enables simple and complex product lines to be configured easily and quoted accurately every time.

When implementing a CPQ tool, one of the important things to consider is how well will it be able to integrate with your website. Do you need a dealer portal, a shopping basket, or do you simply just want a live 3D preview that gives an accurate representation of what customers configure on the site? No matter the vision for how you’d like CPQ implemented, DriveWorks Integration theme makes it easy to realize your goals in no time.

The DriveWorks Integration Theme

The integration theme for DriveWorks CPQ is the newest way to apply DriveWorks’ award winning CPQ capabilities. The Integration Theme uses a modern REST API for consuming and running DriveWorks Implementations. This means you can integrate your DriveWorks projects into nearly anything. Directly embed DriveWorks onto your website, and integrate it with your existing e-commerce platform. While you’re at it, connect DriveWorks with your ERP, CRM, MRP, or other business systems allowing you to have a completely integrated configurator.

The integration theme is easy to set up and implement, and can be done in a matter of minutes once you have a DriveWorks project that you’re ready to roll out.

Step 1: Select the integration theme from DriveWorks live.

Select the integration theme from DriveWorks live.

Step 2: Run DriveWorks Live via the application or through IIS.

run DriveWorks Live via the application or through IIS

Step 3: Configure the simple ConfigUser.XML file

Configure the simple ConfigUser.XML file

Step 4: Integrate!

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More than Just CPQ

DriveWorks is more than just CPQ for manufacturing. We discussed how DriveWorks enables engineers, sales teams, distributors, and customers to design, engineer and configure any product, on any device. But did you know DriveWorks enables the automation of SOLIDWORKS assembly, part, and Drawings as well? This allows for the quick setup and automation of manufacturing data like assembly drawings, part drawings, DXF creation, and SOLIDWORKS BOMs. Use DriveWorks to quickly generate new variations of models and the corresponding manufacturing documents in no time!

Learn more about integrating CPQ on your website by viewing our on-demand webinar >> Integrating DriveWorks CPQ With Your Website

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