Installing SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2023

SOLIDWORKS Electrical provides powerful tools that helps engineers design, manage, and analyze electrical systems.

With its intuitive user interface, engineers can quickly create schematic diagrams, generate accurate reports, and even automate creating wires. SOLIDWORKS Electrical also allows engineers to collaborate with colleagues to make sure projects stay on track. SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic and SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D are an excellent choice for engineers who need an integrated electrical design tool, they provide a comprehensive suite of features that streamlines the design process and helps to reduce errors. In order to benefit from these products properly, we must first ensure a successful installation.

About this On-Demand Webinar

TriMech’s Solution Consultant, Alaa Hosn, reviews the basics of a SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2023 installation. This will cover both standalone and network installations of Electrical along with a brief overview of which makes sense for you. We’ll discuss how easy it is to set up and install Electrical while sharing pointers to ensure installations go smoothly.

During this On-Demand Webinar you will learn:

  • Standalone vs network differences
  • Learn how to install Electrical Schematic 2D
  • Learn how to install Electrical 3D
  • What to look out for when installing

More information on SOLIDWORKS Electrical:

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