Inside Look at One of the Largest 3D Print Shops in the Northeast

As new additive manufacturing technologies and innovations continue to be developed at a rapid pace, competitive solution providers are obligated to accommodate those changes. That’s EXACTLY what TriMech has done in order to remain a key 3D technology partner to thousands of companies throughout North America.

About This Webinar

TriMech 3D Print Services Shop Manager, Rich Annino, and Hardware Application Engineer, Dennis Barnum, take us on an in-depth virtual tour of one of the largest print shops in the Northeast, housed within TriMech’s new 6,900 SQ FT facility in the heart of New England. Come see how we’ve more than doubled our space to make room for more printers, post processing equipment, and staff specifically devoted to additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping services.

See the latest 3D printers in action

Get a close-up look at some of the latest 3D printing solutions from Stratasys including the versatile F123 series, the new J55 with a revolutionary spin-printing PolyJet platform, and our large production Fortus machines if we have time. This virtual tour of our 3D Printing Shop is going to be a great way for you to visualize the possibilities of additive manufacturing and the machines that could help produce some incredible results for you.

In this webinar, Rich and Dennis share:

  • A first look at our brand new 3D Print Services Shop
  • TriMech’s improved in-house Rapid Prototyping Services offerings
  • FDM and PolyJet 3D printing technologies and how they work
  • First-hand look at the majority of 3D printing hardware available for sale through TriMech
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