Improve your SOLIDWORKS Skills with the DriveWorksXpress Certification

   By TriMech Marketing on December 27, 2019

DriveWorksXpress is the ideal tool to help you with everyday repetitive design tasks. Included in every license of SOLIDWORKS, it allows you to create multiple variations of parts, assemblies and drawings, quickly and accurately. 

The DriveWorksXpress Certification

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The DriveWorksXpress Training and Certification is a free certification for all students and professionals who have access to SOLIDWORKS.

On completion of the DriveWorksXpress Certification you’ll receive a professional certificate to add to your resume and prove your knowledge.

In order to become a certified DriveWorksXpress Associate, you simply download and complete the training tutorial and take a short online test. You will then be a part of a global community of DriveWorks and SOLIDWORKS engineers. 

Benefits of Using DriveWorksXPress

There are many benefits to using DriveWorksXpress. Because it allows you to capture and re-use design knowledge, it will reduce repetitive tasks and save time. You can also incorporate design rules which help minimize errors and the cost of manual mistakes. This will liberate design engineers from repetitive tasks so that they can focus on new and special designs. 

DriveWorksXPress allows you to control dimensions, features, custom properties and switch configurations; update drawings by associating them with driven models and add and update captured parameters easily. It has input forms to enter product requirements. You can also add validation to controls which ensures that inputs are suitable. Another beneficial feature is the rules builder which enables you to build rules to link input controls with captured parameters.

Benefits of Obtaining Certification

More and more companies are adopting design automation techniques to save time, reduce repetitive engineering tasks and minimize costly errors. Design automation is becoming the norm. Engineering students and professionals can obtain the skills they need by completing the DriveWorksXpress Training and Certification. Having this extra qualification gives an edge in a competitive job market and helps you further your career in engineering.

The DriveWorksXpress certification gives you an understanding of how products are designed in different industries. Employers are interested in real life experience, and this will give you the ability to discuss the projects that you have set up in SOLIDWORKS and DriveWorksXpress in an interview, demonstrating knowledge that goes beyond theory discussed in a classroom.

Are you interested in obtaining a DriveWorksXpress Certification? Click below to register!

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