How to Use the BOM in SOLIDWORKS Manage

Are you looking to learn more about the BOM tools available in SOLIDWORKS Manage? The SOLIDWORKS Manage tool shows you the Bill of Material (BOM) and what parts are in your assembly. While there is some great information for you in PDM, SOLIDWORKS Manage has more to offer that will make your workday easier.

About This Webinar

TriMech Application Engineer, Patricia Bar, highlights the differences between assemblies. Patricia demonstrates how SOLIDWORKS Manage allows you to easily see those differences in versions, countries, and part numbers and even color codes the results to help the viewer easily spot the variations. You will know exactly how the assemblies differ and ways to make them more alike. She will also show you how to make changes and updates without requiring you to add them back in with a new revision.

In this webinar, Patricia covers:

  • How to add items to an existing BOM
  • How to get added items to stay with BOM, even when the assembly changes
  • Compare BOM for Revisions on same assembly
  • Compare BOM between two assemblies
  • The information you can find while looking at the BOM
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