How to Supplement Your Engineering Team

   By on April 24, 2020

Lee Iacocca’s words are truer now than ever before. As designers and engineers our options are to “…lead, follow, or get out of the way.” Across different industries, engineering teams find the resources to innovate at high speed and high quality. So, what do you do when the project at hand exceeds your team’s capacity or expertise or when a new project comes in that takes priority? Company projects can change quickly and sometimes engineers and designers are at full capacity and struggle to manage different projects at the same time. We have a solution for you during times like these. Whether you need to re-engineer a complicated legacy part that never had a CAD model or make sure your components are meeting industry safety standards, TriMech has come up with a specialized solution to help.

TriMech PEG TeamThe Project Engineering Group (PEG) at TriMech has the ability and proven track record to help your team with 3D modeling, drawing creation, design, scanning, 3D printing, prototyping and computer simulation (motion, FEA and CFD). Whether your process requires a service that you can’t currently provide internally or if your resources are capable but stretched too thin, PEG becomes a seamless extension of your design team.

Our Secret Sauce

First, we determine your needs and how we can fulfill them. We take the time to dig in and understand your goals – both short term and long term – to make sure we deliver what you need. What standards need to be used in your drawings? How do you intend to use 3D scan data? What assumptions can be safely made for creating your simulation model?

Second, we work with you to build a statement of work that ensures you get exactly what you expect. Pricing is no surprise either because we can structure projects as a single fixed price, or an hourly price which can be limited with a not-to-exceed value.

Finally, we work together on your project. We can come to your location to understand your project or perform tasks that must be done in person such as 3D scanning. We can also work remotely from our site and interact with you via phone, email and web meetings for design and simulation projects. You are constantly updated on your project’s progress. Your participation in the process is encouraged so that your product expertise is leveraged as well as the expertise of our engineers in each of their disciplines.

Our Track Record

TriMech’s PEG has helped design and engineering departments across a broad range of disciplines, from military equipment suppliers to consumer product designers.

Case Study: Tactical Deployment Systems

Tactical Deployment Systems Hd8Tactical Deployment Systems is a custom fiber optic assemblies manufacturer, headquartered in Virginia. They work mostly with high-end data centers, the military and commercial applications. Tactical Deployment Systems wanted to provide a solution that improved the design of the cassettes used in data center patching systems to maximize chassis density. They lacked the internal design and engineering teams to accomplish this. Once they partnered with PEG, they were able to develop the HD8² system.

“TriMech’s Project Engineering Group was an extension of our business and supported us throughout the entire process. Without their support, we never would have been able to produce the HD8², from an idea to a production line product,” said David Mullsteff, President at Tactical Deployment Systems.

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Client Story: Digital Projections

Digital ProjectionsDigital Projections designs large LCD display walls for open spaces that their clients use to generate High Definition video content to be viewed by groups of people in stadiums, conference rooms or anywhere crowds gather. After purchasing SOLIDWORKS, Digital Projections faced a challenge when trying to create their large frame assemblies. Once they partnered with PEG, they had a clear outline of how to design highly accurate frames using weldment profiles in SOLIDWORKS. With our help, they were able to come up with a highly effective, accurate and efficient design.

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Client Story: Construction Specialties

Fort York Library in CanadaConstruction Specialties (CS) is a leader in architectural building products that provides solutions to complex problems that architects, designers, building owners, facility managers and contractors face every day. The CS team didn’t have much experience with 3D design and simulation and needed the ideal partner to bring innovation to their designs. By partnering with our engineers, the team at CS learned how to plan their projects, how to approach simulation and 3D modeling and about the material science, engineering and design solutions available for them in SOLIDWORKS.

>> Continue reading about this client’s experience

Next time you find yourself facing a short deadline with your resources stretched thin, or in need of a specialized skillset that you don’t have on hand, then let the experience and expertise of the Project Engineering Group help pull you through. 

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