How to Submit a SOLIDWORKS Enhancement Request

   By Sawyer Gara on February 9, 2023

If you were given a magic wand to add one feature to the next SOLIDWORKS release, what would you add? This is a question I like to ask when meeting with other SOLIDWORKS users at events like User Group Meetings, Client Appreciations, or our Launch Events to get the conversation going. After hearing what everyone has to say, I love following it up with a “Did you know that we can get that idea in front of the SOLIDWORKS Development Team?” Most people I speak to did not realize that you as SOLIDWORKS Users are able to not only submit but also vote on enhancement requests submitted by others in the community. These enhancement requests can be long shot ideas, new functionality, or even simpler workflows for existing functionality.

Already have an idea in mind and want to learn how you can submit your own enhancement request? Check out the steps below.

  1. Log in to your Customer Portal Account. Once logged in, you should see the “MY SUPPORT” Section. You’ll want to click the “Enhancement Request” button.

    Enhancement Requests

    Enhancement Requests

  2. In order to submit an enhancement request, you’ll need to make sure one doesn’t already exist for your idea. Put in keywords that will help you find an existing idea that is similar to yours.
search for enhancement requests

Search for enhancement requests

If you find a similar enhancement request, you are able to vote for it. An enhancement request that gets enough votes will be automatically reviewed by the SOLIDWORKS Development Team. It is important to vote for similar ideas rather than creating a separate request to consolidate all the votes in one spot. If voting, you’ll be prompted for additional information.

vote for enhancement requests

Vote for enhancement requests

  1. If none of the exiting enhancement requests are similar enough to your idea, you can click the button to create a new request.
    create new request

    Create new request

    Similar to voting for a request, this form will require you to input some additional information. Besides the basic information as to which product and version you are currently using, the form will ask for a description of the enhancement, any additional attachments to help add more information, and why the functionality is needed. It is important to give as much information as possible to make it easier for not only SOLIDWORKS but other users to weigh in on the usability of the enhancement. The more information added the better chance the enhancement request has to gaining traction in the community.

    Enhancement Request details

    Enhancement Request details

  2. Hit the submit button! After hitting submit you’ll be directed to a confirmation page and will receive an email that details that a Service Request will be created to track the enhancement and allow others to vote on it. If this request is something you know plagues other users, be sure to share it with them so you secure their votes and have a better chance of getting in implemented in next year’s release of SOLIDWORKS!
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