How to Set Up Electrical Templates in SOLIDWORKS

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A SOLIDWORKS Electrical Project Template is used to start a new project with a variety of choices and configurations. Utilizing templates allows you to save time by configuring settings to meet the specific needs of a company or project that may need the same parameters repeated. Any other information needed for a project can also be stored in a project template.

Some common areas incorporated into a template are title block, library data, and revisioning style. Once a template is configured, you can easily use it again for future projects that require the same settings.

Title Blocks

When it comes to setting up a Title Block, you will want to open your desired Title Block in the editor. Once in the editor, be sure that you have Rows and Columns enabled. Go to the Properties tab on the right-hand side and check the boxes for rows and with columns.

Next, insert the row and column attributes. Adjusting the settings on the right-hand side for rows and columns will determine where a row or column starts and where it ends.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Templates Title Blocks

Library Data

The Electrical Content Portal (ECP) is a great place to start to download data for your electrical needs. It is recommended to set up the proper libraries and classifications for this data so the information will be organized accordingly. In order for data to be saved into the template, first, you will need to insert the symbol, assign the manufacturing part, 2D footprint, etc., in a drawing before creating the template.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Templates Electrical Content Portal>> Building Your Electrical Parts Library: Organization

Revisioning Style

Drawing revisions are going to be configured in the Project Configuration Manager under the General tab and in the section titled Revisioning Numbering. You can set your revisioning to be numeric or alphabetic. You can also make a custom revision style using the Formula Manager. There are a couple of things to be mindful of when you’re working with revisions. The first thing is book revisions and drawing revisions. Now the book revision must greater or the same revision as the drawing revision.

When you want to create a new revision you are going to need to validate and verify the previous revision. To do this, you are going to right-click on the document book and select Revisions. The Revisions Management window will open, and you will see the buttons to validate and verify. You’re then going to do the same workflow but instead of right-clicking on the document book, you will right-click on your specific drawing in the project tree.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Templates Revisioning

Setting Up Attributes

How the revision appears on the title block is going to be driven by an attribute as well. Just like the rows and columns but you will add attributes related to the revision field. To do this you will need to have the Title Block open in the editor. In the ribbon menu, you will click Insert Attribute and expand the drawing folder to go into revisions. In the image below you can see the attributes used for revisioning along with rows and columns.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Templates Attributes

Save Your Template

Once you are ready to save your project as a template you will open the Project Manager. You will need to make sure the project is closed. Next, select the project and click Save As Template. Now when you go to start a new project you should see your template appear in the drop-down menu.

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SOLIDWORKS Electrical is a robust electrical design package with powerful functionality and tools to help you design and document electrical schematics quickly and accurately. Using templates allows you to efficiently manage your deliverables using a quick-start, time-saving process!

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