How To Import Custom Gauge Tables into SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal

   By Tom Ayers on December 15, 2022

I am Tom Ayers, a Process & Training Consultant here at TriMech. I have recently obtained my certificate in SOLDWORKS Sheet Metal, and I wanted to quickly show you how to import custom gauge tables into SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal. When using custom tables, we need to first import them into the SOLIDWORKS file directory.

By default, you can find this location by going to C:\Program Files\SOLIDWORKS\SOLIDWORKS\Lang\country\Sheet Metal Gauge Tables. Also, if you have a sheet metal part open already in SOLIDWORKS, if you edit the main sheet metal feature and check use gauge table, then browse, you can see your default directory.

Sheet Metal Parameters from material

When using excel, format the data so that only the necessary information is used. You can use the sample tables provided in the default file directory and use save as to make a new copy, and change the values as needed. Note that you can work on excel independently or directly inside of SOLIDWORKS by going to edit > Bend Tables.

Bend tables were the original table used natively inside of SOLIDWORKS for bend deduction, bend allowance or k-factor values for calculating the flat pattern. Before these gauge tables you would need separate tables for each thickness of material, but now we can represent multiple materials inside one table!

After finishing your table, return to SOLIDWORKS and click the drop down under gauge table. You should see all your tables listed there and be able to change the sizes underneath this Property. I hope this helped you to setup your gauge tables and tabulate your sheet metal part!

Sheet Metal Gauges options

Sheet Metal Gauges options

If you are looking to learn more about SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal, check out our available courses.

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Tom Ayers

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