How to Hire During the Coronavirus

   By on April 29, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has been devastating to most peoples’ way of life. Sadly, many companies have had to freeze or completely change the way they operate during these times. With livelihoods so uncertain, now perhaps more than ever there are many candidates who had been hitting the job boards.

This is a great opportunity for you to find the right people, but the hiring process may look a little different than before. If you’re looking for a shift in your hiring setup, we have a few ideas to help you navigate the process in these uncertain times and even as things return to a glimmer of normalcy.

Phone It In

Phone call interviewsA staple of many interview processes has always been the phone screen. Having a one-on-one or conference call with a prospective candidate lets you have a brief chat and can provide a glimpse into the candidate’s personality. For some, the right culture fit and the ability to be molded into a role can be just as important as their overall skill-set, which can sometimes be determined in that initial conversation. This does not by any means have to be the only tool at your disposal in the process, but it provides a powerful first step in getting to know any new addition to your company.

Video Hired The Company Superstar

Video interviewsTypically, after a phone call, the next step is an in-person interview. But, with precautions in place, many companies aren’t having employees travel or even come into the office. Luckily, we live in a world where almost everyone has access to a camera. Video calls can accomplish talking face to face without bringing another face near yours. You can see how a candidate presents themselves and garner more information from them than just a phone call would allow. You can even get creative and take them on virtual tours. There are a whole host of options to get a candidate in front of your screen. Direct video calling apps native to your phones can assist like FaceTime (iPhone) or Duo (Android). Need conference videoing options? You can use other options like Skype or Zoom. The point being, there are several ways to get your new prospect on screen.

Where’s Waldo?

Working remotely The last option of consideration is the remote worker. If you can’t bring another employee physically on-premise at this time or the work doesn’t need to be done at your site, remote contractors may be the answer. There are countless individuals who have already or are more than capable of performing remotely many of the positions you might require. They have their own seats of the software you utilize and can work with you in many different facets. Contractors are perfect for knocking out specific tasks, helping you handle backlogs, facing an onslaught of projects and countless other areas for any length of time.

While certain changes have made doing business harder or have had us reevaluate how we operate, there are options. If you need a resource to help you figure things, please remember TriMech is here to help! Reach out and let us know how we can help, guide, or work with you.

Find out how we help you fill your open positions with our infographic, Finding Your Perfect Candidate With TriMech Staffing.

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