How to Get SOLIDWORKS Certified – CSWP Level

   By TriMech Marketing on December 13, 2019

Expanding your SOLIDWORKS knowledge to optimize your skills and your resume can be a daunting task when looking at the many certification types. The Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional (CSWP) certification is considered an industry benchmark for 3D design and is one of the first steps in building your portfolio of SOLIDWORKS knowledge. It is also a pre-requisite to more advanced certifications. There are four variations that allow you to specialize in a specific area. We will cover each one, as well as the basic courses recommended by SOLIDWORKS that should be completed before taking the CSWP.

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Before Taking the CSWP

You will need to complete some basic training with SOLIDWORKS. This includes SOLIDWORKS Tutorials and other training courses that we provide. We suggest our training course SOLIDWORKS Essentials, which is a five-day course, SOLIDWORKS Assemlies and SOLIDWORKS Advanced Parts to prepare you for the CSWP. Some courses are provided by SOLIDWORKS online and others are provided by select resellers as in-person training. We have notated which recommended training courses are provided by SOLIDWORKS and which ones are in-person training provided by TriMech in parenthesis.

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CSWP-MBD Model Base Design

This exam focuses on the basic knowledge of Model Based Design and your ability to use SOLIDWORKS MBD functionality and tools. Some of the topics covered include reference dimensions, 3D PDF tools, tolerance style, flag note bank, copy scheme, defining PMI and intersection geometry. 

Exam Length

Passing Grade

Recommended Training

90 minutes



SOLIDWORKS CSWP Mechanical Design

CSWP – Mechanical Design

This Mechanical Design certification focuses on your understanding of SOLIDWORKS and your ability to analyze and design parametric parts as well as moveable assemblies. This exam is broken up into three segments so you are able to take them individually, at any time and in any order. When you pass one segment, you will not need to take it again if you fail another segment. There is still a 14 day waiting period for retaking a specific segment. 

Exam Length

Passing Grade

Recommended Training

Segment 1: 70 minutes
Segment 2: 50 minutes
Segment 3: 80 minutes

75/105 points
77/104 points
77/109 points

Essentials (TriMech)
Advanced Part Modeling (TriMech)
Drawings (TriMech)
Advanced Assembly Modeling (TriMech)


The CAM version of the CSWP certification exam will test your knowledge on topics ranging from automatic feature recognition, generate operation plan, interactive 2.5 axis mill operations, extract machinable features, modify tools, simulate toolpaths, machining parameters. You will need SOLIDWORKS 2018 version or later to take this exam.

Exam Length

Passing Grade

Recommended Training

180 minutes



CSWP SimulationSOLIDWORKS CSWP Simulation

The Simulation exam consists of three categories of questions pertaining to general topics in simulation and FEA, manual calculations of loads and stresses and hands-on challenges within SOLIDWORKS Simulation. Some of the functionalities tested on include static, frequency and thermal studies, planes of symmetry, mesh controls, result forces, solid and shell elements and non-uniform loads.

Exam Length

Passing Grade

Recommended Training

90 minutes


Simulation Essentials (TriMech)

Registering for the CSWP

There are a couple of ways to take the exam. One way, is to attend one of our certifications events and take the exam for free. These events are hosted several times a year in multiple locations. This also allows you an opportunity to speak with our staff and get insight on the software and 3D printing technology.

Another way to take the exam, is to buy the test on the SOLIDWORKS website which will cost anywhere from $19.95 to $99 depending on the type of exam. Some of the CSWP versions include a sample test. These are free to use to help prepare you for the exam. 

Free Testing

If you or your employer are already subscribed to SOLIDWORKS, you are eligible for one free core (CSWP or CSWA), one free advanced (CSWPA) and one free specialty exam with each seat of SOLIDWORKS on Subscription Service. Keep in mind, this is limited to these specific certifications. You can still take the other exams for free at a TriMech certification event

Things to Note About the CSWP

  • You will need to complete the CSWP exam to move on to more advanced certifications. 
  • There is a 14-day waiting period between taking tests if you need to retake your exam.
  • Certificates are electronic and will be published on the CSWP directory.

One of the first things to consider is how each certification will further your career and resume. Alan Henry stated, “Ultimately, getting one or two certifications will prove you’re capable of learning and retaining knowledge (or at least passing a test) but several under your belt shows that you’re committed to a career path, well versed in it, and knowledgeable.” 

Our goal is to be your engineering resource in all aspects, including becoming certified. With our Application Engineers having over 600 combined certifications, we are ready to help you take the next steps in becoming SOLIDWORKS Certified.

Ready to start pursuing your CSWP certification? View our live events page to find a Certification Event near you to take the test for free!

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