How to Erase Overlapping 3D Scan Data

   By Cory Green on March 8, 2022

3D scanning is one of the most efficient and easiest ways to capture 3D data. 3D scanners offer accurate data and high-resolution results. In some cases, you may need to use multiple scanners to capture large areas and fine detail.

Watch the video below to see how we used both the Artec Ray and the Artec Leo to capture a loading dock and a piece of a forklift and proceed to delete the overlapping 3D scan data.


We need to scan the entire loading dock area of a facility and we want to capture the forklift in high-resolution.


In this case, we used the Artec Ray to capture the entire loading dock of the facility. The Artec Ray is the fastest and most accurate long-range 3D scanner with laser technology for precise capture of large objects, which makes it the perfect choice for the loading dock scan. The Artec Leo was chosen to scan the forklift because of its ability to scan in high definition. It offers over two times higher resolution of the final model, making it a great choice for this application and requirement.

Artec_RayArtec Leo

Using two scanners to capture a single data set will result in overlapping data, which we can clean up with a few easy steps. We want to erase the Artec Ray data from the area without losing any of the high resolution Artec Leo data.

Follow these steps below to erase overlapping data: 

  1. In the editor choose the eraser tool.
  2. Next, we will use the 2D selection to select the entire forklift.
  3. Turn the visibility of the Leo data off and make sure there is nothing in the background that was accidentally selected.
  4. Switch the visibility to the forklift data and invert the selection. When turning the visibility back on, we have only the selection of the Artec Ray data where it was overlapping with the Artec Leo data.
  5. Finally, we can do a little bit of cleanup and when we hit erase, we are left with no overlapping data. This results in the high-resolution forklift in the loading dock.

Do you have a scanning project that you need help with? Our applications experts have years of experience working with various types of scanners in a wide variety of industries. We would be happy to review your needs and advise how 3D scanning can assist your business.

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