How to Edit Terminal Cable or Wire Origin/Destination Name

   By Danish Butt on August 18, 2023

Library reports in SOLIDWORKS Electrical generate terminal cable or wire origin/destination by displaying the location, function, numbers, and the terminal mark itself. In some cases, it is desirable to edit the destination name or to only display the origin and destination terminal marks without the extra descriptions that come with the program as a standard.

To generate this type of report, the first step is to open the Report Manager from your project.
To do so, please select the Project tab > Reports > Add (see image below as reference).

Editing destination names

From here, please select tables that display origin and destination components in their report’s column. Most of these tables are related to wires and cable cores, for example:

  • List of wires origin\destination tags
  • List of cable cores grouped by cable
  • List of cable cores
  • List of cable cores with stub length

Once you select one of these reports, click OK.

Now select the report desired > click Properties > Navigate to the Column Tab > Select “Activate expert mode” > OK (see image below as reference).

Editing Terminal Origin

Once the SQL Query is opened > Select Edit (as seen below).

Edit terminal names

This will give you access to edit the SQL Query in the left panel of the window. To remove all other properties except for the terminal mark itself for the wire or cable origin/destination please search for the 4 lines indicated in the image below:

Edit terminal origin

Once you have located the 4 relevant lines, you will need to remove the word “path” at the end of the first statement on each line before the “AS” statement. For example, if the line in question is:

, vew_wire_ex.vwircomfrom_com_tagpath AS vwircomfrom_com_tagpath

After the revision as per the above instruction, the result should be:

, vew_wire_ex.vwircomfrom_com_tag AS vwircomfrom_com_tagpath

Please perform this revision on all 4 lines and click Apply > Test query > OK.

Once you select OK, you can see the preview of the reports table before generating drawings on the right panel of the Report Manager. See image below for reference:

edit destination name

If the preview looks correct > Select Generate drawings > Check the desired reports > OK.

The changes should now be reflected in the generated drawing. If you already have an existing drawing of the desired report that was generated, simply right-click the drawing on the left panel > Select Update Report drawings.

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Danish Butt

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