How to Edit SOLIDWORKS PDM Notification Templates

   By Andrew Lidstone on March 8, 2023

SOLIDWORKS PDM Notifications are an effective way to communicate with others about what is happening inside the Vault.  Automatic notifications can be used to alert users when files are Added to a folder, when files are Transitioned from one state to the next, and when files are delayed in a state and require review.

New in SOLDIWORKS PDM 2023 is the ability to directly modify some of the notifications going to users through the “Notification Templates” node in the PDM Administration Tool.

notification templates in SOLIDWORKS PDM

This new functionality, which is available in both SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard and PDM Professional, allows admins to easily edit the format of notifications sent by PDM.  The modified templates are used for PDM Database Notifications (PDM Standard and Professional) and for SMTP notifications (PDM Professional only).

customize pdm notification

Admins can switch from “Default”, pre-configured notifications to “Custom” templates which allow for both the message subject line and body to be edited.

Additional information, including variables such as “Vault Name”, file or folder information or either destination or source state can all be added directly to the notification Subject.

file name for pdm notifications

The notification body can be modified, and variable information, including values from the files Data Cards added directly into the body of the message.  The formatting can be controlled using HTML allowing Admins to easily make different notification types stand out for users and provide rich, even more detailed messages that meet your organization’s needs.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Notifications

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Andrew Lidstone

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