How to Define Wire Styles in SOLIDWORKS Electrical

   By Tim Pulaski on February 15, 2018

With SOLIDWORKS Electrical creating 2D schematic drawings that are both highly detailed and look great, is easy. You can create accurate schematic diagrams in no time at all. In this video tech tip, we focus on how to create your own custom wire style for use in your 2D electrical schematic drawings. This includes all of the necessary cosmetic and electrical properties, such as color, line type, size and equipotential formula.

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The real time saver comes from leveraging the extensive database of manufacturer parts and symbols. With just a simple drag and drop you can take parts and symbols from the library and build your schematics. But sometimes the database of 500,000 parts and default styles isn’t enough, and you’ll need to create your own.

With the wire style manager, you can define all the properties of the wire, from the physical properties of the wire itself to even the tags and way it appears on the schematic. Like most everything in SOLIDWORKS, you have full control over the customizing the properties of these components, so you can make sure you have a 2D Electrical Schematic that showcases your designs, your way.

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Tim Pulaski

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