How to create and edit SOLIDWORKS design tables

   By Tom Ayers on December 14, 2022

Today I would like to look at basic creation of design tables and how to tabulate your part. Design tables are Excel spreadsheets* that are embedded into the SOLIDWORKS UI. There are a lot of parameters we can control with design tables in parts and assemblies. Some parameters that we can modify in both parts in assemblies are as follows: dimensions, suppression state of features, size of hole wizard holes, and several configuration properties such as part numbers in your bill of materials.

*Note – you must have Excel installed for Design Tables to work

We are going to work with a simple washer and our goal is to create a design table so we can modify our inner/outer diameter and thickness of our washer. Before we even begin, we should add names to the necessary dimensions so that we know what we are modifying. After this, right click on the annotations folder and check on show feature dimensions. You may also want to come to the dropdown menu, under the “eye” icon and enable View Dimension Names.

view dimension names

View dimension names

To access the design table, go to Insert > Tables > Excel Design Table. Under Edit Control, we will make sure to enable Allow model edits to update the design table. Unless you want to only be defining your part through the context of your design table. Under options, I will go ahead and make sure all those are checked on for maximum control over my part. It is also here where we could upload our excel table if we had one already preconfigured.

After confirming by pressing the green check, SOLIDWORKS asks us which dimensions you would like to add to the table. We can see our naming schema, and this makes our life a lot easier. If you hold control, you can make multiple selections to import several dimensions at once. At this point, we can make changes to the excel cells to the dimensions and we should see the model have those changes applied. Finally, to access this table once it has been created, just come to your configuration manager and it will be listed under tables.

creating design table

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Tom Ayers

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