How to Create an Alternate Position View in SOLIDWORKS Drawings

   By TriMech Marketing on February 6, 2020

One SOLIDWORKS model can look or function in different ways. In this week’s Video Tech Tip, our Elite Application Engineer Chang Lee walks you through step by step how to leverage this command. He explains how to showcase various positions of your models using alternate position views in SOLIDWORKS.

Alternate position views are great for showing the multiple positions your components can be in and allows for one drawing view to show additional positions. The way it does this is by looking at configurations. You can choose an existing configuration with the desired position, or you can add a new configuration from this tool.

To add an alternate position view, you start by clicking the command on the toolbar. You’ll be asked to choose a drawing view. After clicking on the desired drawing view, additional properties will show up on the left asking for configurations. This is where you can choose an existing one from the drop-down menu or by naming and creating a new configuration. If you choose to create a new configuration, SOLIDWORKS will take you outside of the drawing and back into the assembly. There, you’ll be able to freely position the assembly into its new location.

Once the positions have been defined in new or pre-existing configurations, you can easily overlay the orientations on top of one another in a drawing to really showcase your SOLIDWORKS design.

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