How to Change Your SOLIDWORKS PDM Admin Password

   By on June 6, 2016

Have you ever needed to change the password for SOLIDWORKS PDM? To modify the SOLIDWORKS PDM admin password you’ll need to follow a certain set of procedures, but it’s pretty simple once you know where to look.

Changing the Current PDM Admin Password

Go onto the Archive Server and launch the Archive Server Configuration. From here, click on Tools > Default Settings. In the middle, you will find the Admin User section. Click the Password button to begin.


Enter your current admin password.

Then, enter your new password twice. Click OK (and OK again). 

At the top of the SOLIDWORKS PDM Archive Server window, click the button to restart the Archive Server Service.


This will be the admin password for all new vaults created, and usually the admin password for all vaults already installed.

Audit All Your Vault Passwords

You can have different admin passwords for different vaults. To verify that is not the case, do the following: 


On the left, expand Archives and you will see your various vaults (if they exist) on the right. 

Right click on the [vault name] > Properties.

Click the Login tab.

In the middle you will see Admin User. If this vault uses the same vault admin password as the default setting, you will see it checked here. You can cancel out if you changed in the above steps.

PDM is going through a lot of changes. Find out what this means for your company and how to move forward with a new PDM system in our webinar!

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