How Do I Make the Case For More Training?

   By on September 3, 2019

TriMech offers many training classes located throughout the eastern United States. Although many of our users are able to learn the intuitive SOLIDWORKS software on their own, we recommend taking a class in order to learn techniques that improve efficiency and to acquire tips and tricks that our certified instructors have developed over the years. 

Investing in training is crucial for companies who want to equip their employees with knowledge of how to maximize the benefits of using SOLIDWORKS. Training helps users to improve the quality of their product, reduce errors and maximize efficiency.


Challenges In Convincing Management to Improve Training Strategies

We have clients whose Senior Engineers end up spending a great deal of time training Junior Engineers, which can be frustrating. Sometimes Management has a difficult time understanding how this negatively affects their team, and they don’t see the importance of investing in training. On the other hand, we have clients who have invested in training their employees over time. These Management teams realize the benefits of training and want their employees to be educated on how to best utilize SOLIDWORKS. We have worked with these clients to put training programs in place to prepare their employees and train them in everything SOLIDWORKS. The main challenge we face with some clients is that training is not high on their priority list, or there is a lack of interest in preparing their employees.

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Dispelling the Myth that Training is Only for Large Companies

Many people wrongly assume that training is primarily for large companies that have a training budget and space to strategize. In some ways, training is even more important for small businesses, because they need a competitive advantage to get their product out faster. They will rely on training to make sure their employees can use the software more effectively and efficiently to give them that competitive advantage. The majority of our clients are small businesses and have less than 5 licenses of SOLIDWORKS. Part of our goal is to talk to them about a plan and determine what will work within their budget. Most importantly, we emphasize the benefits they will receive if they invest in training – more effective users and faster production of their product. This will give them a competitive advantage.

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Obstacles to Investing in Training

Sometimes those in management don’t see investing in training as an investment in people, but rather as a cost that is going out the door. This can be frustrating for the engineers. A statistic from 2017 shows that “companies that invest in training enjoy 24% higher profit margins than those that spend less on training their employees”. If these companies are willing to invest and send their employees to training classes, the employee will be able to do their job more effectively, ultimately leading to a higher profit margin.
TriMech offers training classes to equip our clients with everything they need to get the most out of their SOLIDWORKS software and to use it more efficiently and effectively.
This brings great value to businesses and can lead to greater profit over time.

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Want to find out more about the benefits of investing in training? Watch the on-demand webinar, Cost of Not Training: Leveraging Your CAD Software, to find out more.

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