How 3D Printing is Transforming Dentistry

   By TriMech Marketing on December 16, 2019

3D printing has revolutionized many industries, and the field of dentistry is no different. Due to the numerous benefits of 3D printing, dentists are finding various ways to implement it into their practices. One of the most significant advantages that 3D printers offer for is the production of multi-material elements. Dental 3D printers can simultaneously print a range of cases from implant models with soft tissue and custom-fit surgical guides, aligner setups and indirect bonding trays, a variety of restoration mock-ups and more.

Crowns & Bridges

3D Printed Crown and Bridge Full Arch3D printing enables faster production of higher-quality crown and bridge models to cut down on the inaccuracies, amount of time, manual labor and the number of remakes. Dentists can seat crowns and bridges in under five minutes, which minimizes chair time and increases the number of patients that can be seen each day.


3D Printed Dental Implant Digital technology and 3D printing have significantly increased 

success rates and improved the workflow and practice of implantology. This complex process can be simplified by printing the model, surgical guide and soft gingival masks in various materials all at the same time on the same tray. Multi-material 3D printing allows for the creation of implant models that accurately represent gum textures and color. Substitutes for gypsum models, prosthetic prototypes, splints and surgical guides can be printed in a day, significantly decreasing production time.  


3D Printed Orthodontics Group Aligner

Precise, comfortable and effective orthodontic appliances can be produced at a faster rate by using 3D printing. New services can be offered, such as 3D printed indirect bonding trays or using 3D printed arches to produce clear aligners. Digital storage also allows you to build appliances without having to create new impressions from patients.


3D Printed Removable DentureDentures and partial try-ins are produced in less time in smooth, biocompatible materials, reducing patient visits and resets due to precise frameworks. Dentists can 3D print multiple parts in several materials for various applications simultaneously, eliminating many production steps and creating superior dental models and appliances.

3D printing for dentistry has evolved and with these new developments and various applications. Dentists can now maximize their productivity by taking advantage of these different options and 3D printing technologies.

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