How 3D Printing is Changing the Fashion Industry

   By on May 21, 2020

Technological advancements in 3D printing and scanning have opened up so many possibilities to revolutionize the fashion industry. Stratasys has teamed up with innovative designers to produce 3D printed clothing that goes beyond traditional fabrics. They unveiled a major breakthrough with flexibility, customization and replication of any color. 

From the design to the final product, garments are able to be more individualized for consumers. The Stratasys Polyjet J-Series prints directly on fabric which then soaks and hardens into the material. Due to the spaces between the dome parts, the clothing is still flexible and breathable allowing for a comfortable wear. After one print is completed, the system is able to use a roll mechanism to automatically start a new sheet of fabric. This automation allows for faster production and astonishing 3D prints.

Fashion by Stratasys

In the KAIMIN 2020 Spring and Summer runway show, Stratasys printers enabled designer, Travis Fitch, to make his vision come to life by printing onto denim. This colorful and dramatic piece focuses on the innovation of material combinations and geometric structures.


The Chro-Morpho Collection has transformed the fashion industry with the unique 3D printed designs. Stratasys, along with threeASFOUR‘s Travis Fitch and Julia Koerner, set out to innovate a one-of-a-kind approach to 3D print items that would appear to be a different color from various angles. They also incorporated the idea of light-filtering butterfly wings into the design and printed it directly onto fabric. Each garment has thousands of microscopic polymers that bounce light when being looked at from different angles creating a color shift. 

Invented by Stratasys, this setae jacket was shown in the 2019 Chro-Morpho collection. Without any support material, they were able to produce a multi-color 3D setae pattern inspired by butterfly wings. 

Utilizing 3D printing empowers the fashion industry to imagine without boundaries. With help from Stratasys, designers are able to create textiles that do not already exist. The complex designs and cutting-edge technology not only redefines what is possible in the fashion industry, but also in art, education and other industries. 

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