High Tech, High Touch: Changes Gen Z Will Bring to the Workplace

   By Riley Rudd on November 10, 2021

Although much of workplace talk the past couple of years has focused on millennials, Generation Z is entering the workplace faster than many realize, in fact, by 2025 Gen Z will make up 27% of the workforce. Although many millennial trends will continue, it is time to start discussing and preparing for the impact Gen Z will have on the workplace. A company that understands Gen Z in a workplace context will better attract and retain future top talent than those that do not.

Driving Values

Gen Z Engineering Professional ValuesIt only takes a few minutes on social media to see the frequency that Gen Z posts about societal issues. Gen Z demonstrates incredible awareness of issues around the globe, and they will bring these values to the workplace. We can infer this based on Gen Z consumer trends: a recent survey found that 51% of Gen Z ensures brands are aligned with their own values before making purchases. As more Gen Z enter the workforce, it is likely that they will prefer jobs with companies that not only use ethical business practices but also are committed to corporate social responsibility.

How might this apply to CAD engineering companies? Trends show that Gen Z members are becoming concerned about how the tech industry affects the planet, and companies in this industry will need to utilize best practices to show Gen Z workers that their technical positions will be contributing in a positive way.

Frequent Feedback

Gen Z Technical Employee FeedbackAlthough performance evaluations traditionally happen once per year, Gen Z workers will want more frequent communications with supervisors for building rapport and performance feedback. In a recent survey, 80% of Gen Z workers expressed that they viewed criticism as growth and a path to learning, not failure. Companies should give Gen Z workers this frequent feedback and allow these young employees to put criticism to work and improve their performance. Frequent check-ins with workers provide an opportunity not only to give insight on how to better their performance, but also the opportunity to build meaningful relationships that, in turn, make employees happier and more productive.

Help your Gen Z engineers by providing digital solutions for these technical-minded employees to receive feedback from superiors and collaborate and bond with others.

Continuous Improvement

DELMIA Works Gen Z Attractive TechnologyGrowing up as the first truly digitally-native generation, Gen Z is always looking for the next innovative products and practices. In a survey, 91% of Gen Z said technological sophistication would impact their interest in working for a company. It will be important for companies who seek to employ the best Gen Z workers to be using the most advanced technology available. In addition to seeking digitally advanced companies, Gen Z workers will be attracted to companies that offer ways for their employees to continue learning and upskilling. Microlearning, bite-sized learning information and activities, is a smart way to give Gen Z workers an opportunity to continue learning in a format that appeals to them.

Technological sophistication will be especially important for CAD engineering employees. An example of applying this to your technical roles could be adopting 3DEXPERIENCE, a 3D CAD innovative solution offered by TriMech.

These are just a few of the many ways that Gen Z will change the workplace. They believe in the work they produce and the value they add to a company. Companies that want to attract the best workers will need to adjust their practices to keep up with the ever-changing climate of the business world.

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Riley Rudd

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