Hidden Gems in SOLIDWORKS 2021 and Later

   By TriMech Marketing on August 9, 2021

Each year at TriMech, we painstakingly review each of the new SOLIDWORKS features and enhancements that are delivered with the latest release. We read through the documentation and pick out the best content so you don’t have to! Earlier this year, TriMech released the ‘Top 11 Features in SOLIDWORKS 2021’ to share a portion of these improvements, but there are a few more hidden gems in 2021 that you should know about! This blog will review some of the lesser-known enhancements released with SOLIDWORKS 2021.

Accelerated Zoom

Can’t seem to zoom the viewport fast enough? Well, now you’ll be able to zoom faster than ever before!

SOLIDWORKS 2021 Accelerated ZoomIn the graphics area, you can press Shift + Mouse Wheel for accelerated zooming. To use accelerated zoom:

  1. Close all documents.
  2. Click System Options > Display.
  3. Clear Display scrollbars in graphics view for parts and assemblies.
  4. In an open document, press Shift + move the mouse wheel and zoom in or out.

Redo Support for Part Features

Have you ever accidentally clicked Undo too many times? Take advantage of the new Redo capabilities in part files!

SOLIDWORKS 2021 Redo SupportYou can use Redo for more than 60 features and commands in parts. Previously, Redo was only available in sketches. You can reverse multiple Undo changes by clicking next to Redo and selecting an item on the list. Not all part commands support Redo in SOLIDWORKS 2021. Exceptions Include:

  • Annotations
  • Hole features
  • Instant3D modifications
  • Mold tools
  • Sheet Metal
  • Weldments

Correct Cut List Length of Weldment Member

Do you sometimes struggle with a weldment cut list reporting incorrect lengths for odd-shaped bodies? It is now easier than ever to calculate the value you expect!

SOLIDWORKS 2021 Cut List LengthYou can calculate the correct cut list length of a weldment member in the cut list properties. You can calculate the correct length when you:

  • Use a Move Face or Move/Copy Body feature and then extrude a cut or a hole
  • Create the part that contains multiple sketches by selecting Merge miter trimmed bodies
  • Create an extruded cut or hole that modifies multiple faces across groups

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Spacing Options for Chain Patterns

Have you ever needed to define spacing in a chain pattern based on the distance along the path rather than just a linear distance? Well, now it is as simple as selecting the option!

SOLIDWORKS 2021 Chain Patterns Spacing OptionsYou can define the spacing between chain pattern instances as a measure along a path for Distance and Distance Linkage chain patterns. In the Chain Pattern Property Manager, select a spacing method:

  • Distance along path: Spaces pattern instances at the specified distance as measured along a path.
  • Linear distance: Spaces pattern instances at the specified distance as measured as a linear distance.

New features and enhancements like these might not steal the limelight amongst the 100+ other enhancements released each year, but you never know when one may greatly help you in your day-to-day modeling. Whether these yearly enhancements allow us to work faster, avoid mistakes or do something completely new, it is always worth taking a look to see where you’ll benefit from the ever-evolving tools in SOLIDWORKS.

Every year SOLIDWORKS releases incredible enhancements to their software along with a set of detailed features lists for five of their most popular product areas. In each list you’ll find photos, benefits and detailed descriptions of the top-ranked features to guide you through the most important updates. Get all of the lists for SOLIDWORKS 2021 here.

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