GrabCAD Features: Manufacturing Notes

   By Josh Gragg on March 3, 2020

With the many improvements to GrabCAD Print over the last year, one of the most notable is the addition of Manufacturing Notes. This add-in allows the user to add notes to the faces of parts to be 3D printed. These notes can then be printed off on paper and follow the 3D printed part from initial printing through post-processing. High-volume 3D printing labs, universities and manufacturing may benefit the most from this feature, where multiple engineers and departments are utilizing their printers daily.

How to Utilize Manufacturing Notes

In some sectors, a common term for this is a Job Ticket or Job Traveler. This document displays specific part call-outs or finishing techniques and it can remain with the part until the final destination and include for whom the part is being 3D printed. To utilize this feature, the model used in GrabCAD Print must be a native CAD file, such as a SOLIDWORKS part, that can have individual faces selected for annotation.

  1. Click on the Model Settings tab on the right.
    Model Setting in GrabCAD Print
    Click to enlarge
  2. Select Face.
    Face in GrabCAD
    Click to enlarge
  3. Right-click on a Add a Note to face(s).
    Editing Face in GrabCAD Print
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  4. After composing the note, click Save.
    Compose and Save in GrabCAD Print
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  5. To edit or delete, right-click on the note.
    Edit or Delete In GrabCAD Print
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  6. To print, click on Mfg. Notes and select Export Notes.
    Print and export notes in GrabCAD Print
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  7. Export PDF and save to desired location to then open and print.
    Export Manufacturing Notes
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    Final Print Manufacturing notes

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Be sure to try this new feature on your next print job, as well as other additions to the GrabCAD software each month. Check the release notes under the Help tab to see what changes have been implemented with each new update. If you have any advice on how to improve GrabCAD Print, please give feedback to GrabCAD through the Help tab in the GrabCAD Print software.

Have you seen GrabCAD Print in action? If not, check out our on-demand webinar below, where you will learn how to use the Advanced FDM tool in the software to design better parts. 

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Josh Gragg

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