Getting Started with DriveWorksXpress

   By TriMech Marketing on December 13, 2018

DriveWorksXpress is one of those tools included in every seat of SOLIDWORKS that most people just don’t know about. It’s an extremely powerful tool that can change the way you work – and save a ton of time in doing so. In this Video Tech Tip, we will show you how to make the most of this tool you already have.

DriveWorksXpress is used to create parts that are the same, but different. This is especially useful if you create custom products and can manufacture to customer specifications. Imagine, instead of creating a new part or configuration for a workbench, you simply plug in your values and the part is created for you, named however you like it and stand-alone. While this video doesn’t cover drawings, DriveWorksXpress can also update a drawing file with the new information as well!

Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3. First, you’ll need to go to Tools > Xpress > Products > DriveWorksXpress (pro tip- pin this tab open while you work). You’ll need to specify where you want your database to be located. The second selection is for what file you want, and if you do have it open, it will simply allow you to select ‘current model’ instead of browsing.

DriveWorksXpress in SOLIDWORKS

The third step is selecting which dimensions and features you’d like DriveWorks to access. Don’t be afraid to select as many as you’ll need – this is a very powerful tool! You’ll then need to create your form – this is the input you’ll see every time you run this project. You’ll notice a few options here:

DriveWorksXpress Dimensions

  • Text Input – This is for creating custom fields like description, customer name, etc.
  • Numerical Input – This is where to drive dimensions and features that are variable.
  • Drop Down – Here’s where it’s possible to define a set of inputs, just in case some things are a bit more locked down (only a few sizes, or must be in whole inches etc.).
  • Check Box – This is great for features and choosing to suppress them or not, as well as any other yes/no type inputs.

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