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   By on August 17, 2020

As engineers, we’re tasked to handle many aspects of the product development process. Feasibility, design concepts, design reviews and documentation to name a few. With a mature product, we often find ourselves fielding requests from customers for custom designs and, when receiving multiple requests, per day it can be difficult to keep up with demand. When a new request comes in, you’re probably copying an existing design and related drawings, then spending hours or even days updating the design to meet the customer need. If this sounds like you, then you probably wish there was a way to help automate some of these mundane tasks. Well, I’m happy to tell you there is, DriveWorks Solo.

Why DriveWorks?

DriveWorks software is used in collaboration with SOLIDWORKS for design automation and sales configuration by companies large and small. Whether you are an engineer that needs design automation to automate your SOLIDWORKS models and manufacturing data, or a company wanting to provide a product configurator and guided selling for those outside your engineering team such as sales, vendors and customers, DriveWorks software is the ultimate choice for SOLIDWORKS.

What is DriveWorks Solo?

DriveWorks Solo is a design automation tool that will help you speed up your design process by creating and configuring custom products in SOLIDWORKS. Using only one simple form, the software will generate files such as 3D models, 3D drawings, a bill of materials, a sales quote, a cover letter and more. DriveWorks Solo provides powerful SOLIDWORKS automation for parts, assemblies and drawings.

DriveWorks Solo

Top Features in DriveWorks Solo

Powerful SOLIDWORKS Automation

With DriveWorks Solo you can automate your SOLIDWORKS parts, assemblies and detailed drawings by:

  • Controlling dimensions, features, custom properties, advanced feature parameters, instances and file formats
  • Replacing components dynamically
  • Using intelligent file reuse to create a components library

Advanced Drawing Control

Create accurate manufacturing drawings with DriveWorks Solo and increase team productivity.

  • Control sheets, views, annotation text, annotation positions, layers, break lines and custom properties
  • Generation reports provide complete audit trail of drawing values
  • Save drawings in additional formats, such as PDF, JPEG, DWF and DWG

Preview Results

You can preview your results before you generate final models, drawings and documents.

  • Preview your selections’ effects as you configure
  • Try ‘what if’ scenarios to test design requirements
  • Make informed decisions to ensure product suitability

File Formats & Save Location

With DriveWorks Solo, you can save and organize your file structure at your convenience. You can create any additional file format available in SOLIDWORKS.

  • Have complete control over file naming by using intelligent file naming to create a library of parts
  • Save your files in your preferred location
  • Create any additional file format available in SOLIDWORKS

Custom Input Forms

With DriveWork Solo’s built-in form designer, you can configure and validate permutations.

  • Control which forms are shown based on selections
  • Provide selection feedback and use images to support the configuration process
  • Control visibility and validation of input controls based on rules

Static Tabular Data

Use your existing static tabular data in DriveWorks Solo, within your rules and forms.

  • DriveWorks Solo includes 60 table functions to manipulate data
  • Centralize and maintain your existing engineering data in DriveWorks
  • Minimize errors and ensure data is always up to date

Customizable Documents

DriveWorks Solo creates cover letters, BOMs templates and quotes that you can quickly share in response to sales inquiries.

  • Reduce time preparing documents for customer inquiries
  • Build rules to control what’s included in your documents
  • Reports provide auditing of document content

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Whether you are an engineer or a company needing to automate some processes to increase efficiency, DriveWorks software is modular and scalable. You can implement DriveWorks and grow your projects at your own pace.

Are you ready to learn more about DriveWorks Solo? Check out the product features and details and register for a free demo.

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