Getting Started with 3DEXPERIENCE Electrical Schematic Designer

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic was once only a desktop application designed for creating electrical schematics, wiring diagrams, and documentation for electrical systems. With SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic, users have been able to easily create and manage electrical designs by using a comprehensive set of tools and features. Now on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform users can enjoy the same benefits of SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic and more, but in the clouds, using the web-based application Electrical Schematic Design. The new cloud-based application has added benefits over the traditional desktop application, all while keeping the interface familiar. This means that users who are already experienced with SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic can hit the ground running!

Before running Electrical Schematic Design, the application must first be installed from the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. This is where clients will notice the first difference between the desktop version versus the cloud-based version of Electrical. When the desktop version of Electrical is installed, there must be a SQL database set up to connect to, whether this is a new database or an existing one. Using the web-based version of Electrical does not present users with an installation for any SQL databases that require a username and password as it always has on the desktop version. Now, the installation process is as simple as navigating to Electrical Schematic Designer from the compass, once users are logged into the platform, and selecting Next on each screen until the installation is complete.

Once Electrical Schematic Designer is installed and opened, users will notice the same classic feel as SOLIDWOKRS Electrical Schematic with improved collaboration and security. Projects are stored in a collaborative space on the platform and can be loaded from either a project archive or another collaborative space. These collaborative work environments have a huge team at SOLIDWORKS fully dedicated to ensuring they are safe and secure, making one less thing that users must worry about with their data. Having Electrical data in a collaborative space provides more advantages than just being able to secure your data and share projects. Permissions can be set for users accessing the collaborative space, that means users can be restricted from modifying items such as symbols, manufacturer parts, templates, and more. As a result, consistency is maintained across projects. To help further ensure projects are completed accurately, collaboration tools such as Collaborative Tasks can be utilized from within Electrical Schematic Design.

Since projects and everything within them can be stored on a collaborative space accessible by a web browser, these objects can be accessed anywhere at any time! Users are no longer tied down to a machine in an office. Furthermore, if the machine that has Electrical Schematic Design installed crashes or is no longer accessible, users can install the software on a new machine and pick up right where they left off. Being able to jump to another machine on the fly also reduces the cost of IT overhead, given that no backups need to be reloaded since data is already stored on a collaborative space, how easy the installation process is, and the fact that 3DEXPERIENCE uses named user licensing, means that nobody needs to assign or maintain the license.

The transition from the desktop application to the cloud-based Electrical Schematic Design on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform offers numerous benefits and an intuitive interface. The ease of installing and setting up on any machine minimizes IT overhead and administrative tasks. Even with the reduction of IT overhead, there is no compromise to data security on the platform with a full team at SOLIDWORKS invested in making sure user data is safe. Collaboration and consistency across projects are a breeze using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. With these advancements, Electrical Schematic Designer can help users streamline their electrical design processes much faster and more accurately!

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