Get to Know SOLIDWORKS Technical Communication Tools

   By John Hall on April 2, 2018

Here at TriMech we don’t think our job ends once the sale is final. We want to help throughout your entire SOLIDWORKS journey. Instead of flipping through manuals and Googling question after question, we have a handy Technical Communication Webinar Series to answer your MBD, Inspection and Composer questions. 


The first webinar in the series is focused around MBD or Model-Based Definition. This was devised to curb the overhead cost of having to manage both CAD models and drawings in the same system. MBD allows you to publish Technical Data Packages (TDP) for manufacturing solutions without drawings. This allows you to define, organize and publish all the 3D product and manufacturing information directly inside the 3D model and push this out to industry standard file formats, such as PDFs, e-drawings and step files. 

>> Watch the full SOLIDWORKS MBD on-demand webinar here

Get To Know SOLIDWORKS: Inspection

Next, we have SOLIDWORKS Inspection, a quality control documentation software for generating reports for use downstream. These reports can be used for things such as quality, inspection and tolerance directly off of your SOLIDWORKS drawings, as well as off PDFs. 

>> Watch the full SOLIDWORKS Inspection on-demand webinar 

Get To Know SOLIDWORKS: Composer

SOLIDWORKS Composer is a digital authoring tool that generates content used further down the process. These reports can be used for many different applications, such as:

  • Technical documentation
  • Assembly work instructions 
  • Manufacturing information
  • Sales and marketing tools

All of this information can be taken directly off your 3D engineering data and leverage the design work. Often companies will wait to the end of the process to start gathering all of the documentation, creating lag time from design to market. 

>> Watch the full SOLIDWORKS Composer on-demand webinar

Want to learn more about MBD, Inspection or Composer? Check out our SOLIDWORKS training courses by clicking the link below.

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John Hall

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