Get to Know SOLIDWORKS Inspection

Quality control is critical during the assembly and manufacturing process. But that doesn’t mean you should spend hours creating inspection reports with errors and typos, which can happen when you’re using a manual process. 

About This Webinar

TriMech Elite Application Engineer, Paul Ludwick, goes through a quick overview of how SOLIDWORKS Inspection can generate these reports for you in minutes. He shows you how these reports can be created in a single click and can also integrate with measure data from electronic measuring devices such as digital calipers or CMM. 

In this webinar, Paul covers: 

  • Using optical character recognition to capture inspection characteristics from legacy drawings
  • Direct extracting inspection characteristics from SOLIDWORKS drawings
  • Utilizing PMI data on 3D models to extract inspection characteristics 
  • Creating comprehensive first article inspection reports
  • Integrating with digital measuring devices such as calipers, micrometers or CMM
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