Five Tips to Help Achieve SOLIDWORKS Certifications

   By Madison Bulla on September 18, 2022

Research the Test Format

For SOLIDWORKS Certifications, each exam is different. Whether it’s the material covered or the time limit, it’s important to know what you are getting into. TriMech and Dassault Systems provide information on their websites about each test on your certification list. Make sure you write a note reminding yourself of how long the exam is, how many questions will be on it, and the score to pass the test.

CSWP Format provided by SOLIDWORKS

SOLIDWORKS Certification List

Remove All Distractions

Being in an office space is the most convenient place to take a certification, but make sure you have a couple hours of quiet to be able to take the exam. Distractions prevent 100% efficiency on a test, so find an area in your office or home that provides a space to take the exam.


TriMech offers many examples for any SOLIDWORKS certification you need. Practice problems are the best way to prepare for your exam. Give yourself a set time to complete a few examples and figure out what areas you need to focus on more.

Take a Class

TriMech has multiple classes that you can register for to help guide you to certification. My personal favorite is the CSWP Prep course! The teacher of each class walks you through a manual that provides examples and info to help further your knowledge of a subject, whether it’s SOLIDWORKS Essentials or SOLIDWORKS MBD.

Pass the Test = Certification!

Ultimately, you will have to take the test to pass your certification. The exam tests your knowledge of the subject, so come prepared to be time efficient and take note of all details provided. The 3D Experience certification website displays all your achievements!

When you feel that you are ready, take the SOLIDWORKS certification exam.

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Madison Bulla

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