Five Gifts to Print on Black Friday & Cyber Monday

   By TriMech Marketing on November 24, 2017

Tis the season! Now that Thanksgiving has passed, the holidays will be here before you know it. We want to help you get a jump start on your shopping, without fighting crowds on Black Friday and without spending your lunch break on the computer trying to snatch up Cyber Monday deals. We complied a list of our top five 3D printed gifts we’re giving this season, complete with instructions and downloadable .stl files. Happy printing! 

1. Fidget Spinners

We all swore it was just a phase, but these guys don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Instead of heading to the stores to buy a fidget spinner, just print your own! This design can do all the same things any other fidget spinner can, without the metal bearings. It’s a one-piece print that is almost ready to fidget right off the build plate. Soon the whole family can have their own, and you can race to see who can spin theirs the longest.

3D Printed Fidget Spinner Photo from Thingiverse by muzz64

2. Giant Lego Christmas Men

Now you can supersize one of your favorite toys! Just like the original Legos, you have choices for different heads and bodies. The instructions give tips and tricks on how to make sure your giant Lego man functions properly, as well as provides a link to customize the hat if you want. Giant 3D Printed Lego Photo from Thingiverse by countspatula

3. Place Marks

This 3D printed gift is for the book lover on your list! Not only will it mark the page you are on, but it will mark exactly where on the page you stopped. Great for leisurely reading or marking pages while studying. These place marks are perfect stocking stuffers that you can print on your MakerBot with the small amount of filament left at the end of a spool. With three sizes they are sure to be the perfect fit for any book. 3D Printed Book Markers Photo from Thingiverse by muzz63

4. Earphone Guys!

Not only are these earphone guys a fun and unique gift, but this could save your recipient a headache! Next time they go to use their headphones, they won’t have spend 15 minutes untangling them. This print is quick and easy with only one pause to change the PLA filament color if you choose, but painting is always an option as well!  EarphoneStand.pngPhoto from Thingiverse by muzz63

5. Pocket Coin-Operated Bottle Opener

The holidays aren’t just for the kids, and we didn’t want to leave out the 21+ people on your list. Not only is the model fully parametric, but you can personalize the opener in your 3D CAD software as well. There are several different design options to choose from: Pocket Opener, Tappered Opener, Mighty Opener, Starno’s Opener. 3D Printed Bottle OpenerPhoto from Thingiverse by br3ttb


Are you excited to give one of these 3D printed gifts but don’t have the equipment to make it happen? Reach out to our rapid prototyping services for printed parts today.

We even put together a Beginner’s Guide to TriMech RP Services to help you get started. Download the infographic below for more details.

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