Festivus Aluminum Pole – SOLIDWORKS Tutorial

   By Ray Morrogh on December 20, 2022

Here at TriMech we take holidays seriously…even the fictional kind. In the spirit of Festivus, I wanted to show off some SOLIDWORKS models and PDM admin work that I think Frank Costanza himself would approve of. In a collaboration between Vandelay Industries and the Human Fund, money for people, they have decided to do a production run of aluminum poles in the spirit of Festivus. In this video tutorial, I am going to create a Festivus aluminum pole – Merry Festivus for the rest of us! 

SOLIDWORKS makes it so easy this holiday season that you won’t have to scream out “Serenity Now” to relieve the stress. First, we’ll take a look at our Real View graphics. You can see here that this aluminum pole, it’s perfectly shiny, unlike tinsel, I do find tinsel distracting.


When we look at our vault, you can see that we have the Costanza effect workflow here, and we’re currently setting up the aluminum pole to move it into the next state, which will, of course, be the airing of grievances. This is where we will create a drawing for our aluminum pole and stand that we can send out to our importers and exporters, also collaborating with Vandelay Industries.

change state - do transition set up the aluminum pole

Next, I’ll create a drawing and add a couple of views. The nice thing about the airing of grievances is that we can tell everybody all the problems that we’ve had with them this year. When we check-in the file after we’ve finished the drawing, we do have a custom data card here for the Human Fund with a nice portrait of George Costanza.

We’ll fill in some information that’s pertinent such as a description, checked by, vendor and project name.  But the real thing that we want to note here is the material. Of course, this is aluminum, which has a very high strength-to-weight ratio, this is good to tell dinner attendees who find your belief system fascinating. Next, we’re going to go ahead, check it into the vault and move it through the workflow again to the final Festivus state, which is of course, the feats of strength.

Now, remember, George, it’s not over until you pin your father. And with that in mind, TriMech wishes you a wonderful Festivus for the rest of us and a happy holiday season.

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Ray Morrogh

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