FAQ About SOLIDWORKS User and Training Conference: Concept2Design

   By TriMech Marketing on February 20, 2018

The 17th annual SOLIDWORKS User and Training Conference: Concept2Design (C2D) is right around the corner! We’ve gathered some of the top frequently asked questions and answered them for you. Whether you’re new to the conference or have attended a time or two, we have information about event history, guest speakers, breakout sessions and more.

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What is Concept2Design?

Concept2Design, or C2D, is a SOLIDWORKS user and training conference where you can learn about new and innovative technology that can assist during all phases of the design process. It’s an all-day conference that includes keynote speakers, multi-track training sessions and an evening networking event the night before to kick everything off. The sessions, run by our Application Engineering team which includes 38 Elite Application Engineers and 58 CSWE certifications, will cover the design process, from whiteboard to shipped product and everything in between. Learn how you can use your existing products more effectively and what new products exist that can save you both time and money. 

How did it get its name?

Concept2Design refers to the connected processes that a business must be good at to be competitive and profitable. 

Where and when will C2D be held? 

There is one more opportunities to attend the training session:

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Mashantucket, CT




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Who should attend? 

Throughout the full-day conference, there are topics of interest for frequent SOLIDWORKS users, Engineering Managers, Executives and CAD admins. We’ve setup three distinct session tracks you can pick from, but feel free to jump between them and customize your schedule.

  • Designer Track: Whether you’ve been formally trained or not, you’ll learn something that will help you increase your productivity as a user.
  • Emerging Technology Track: Anyone looking to stay up-to-date on the latest breakthroughs in engineering solutions will be satisfied in this session.
  • Administrative Track: The last track is aimed at giving you tools to prepare, maintain and measure your team’s readiness. 

Some content will be available after the training dates, however, there will be information that’s exclusive to these sessions. It’s a good idea to have multiple team members attend to cover everything. 

What benefits will I walk away with, for me and my company? 

The focused training sessions will impact users immediately with tips and tools to get work done easier and faster. Chances are, everyone will also come away with ideas for new solutions to old problems. If those eliminate issues for you, as we’ve seen happen in the past, your business stands to grow and become more competitive. It’s really about maximizing the tools you already have and being aware of additional ways to tackle your problems. 

Sounds like a conference you can’t miss? Download our “Ask Your Manager” request template.

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