Exploring the SOLIDWORKS Systems Options

Did you know there are over 350 settings that can be customized in the SOLIDWORKS Systems Options alone? In this webinar, we discuss our favorite settings to play with so that you know why that box should, or shouldn’t, be checked.

About This On-Demand Webinar

In this webinar, TriMech Application Engineer, Laura Weismantel, goes through the options in SOLIDWORKS that most people want to change, her favorites and her colleagues’ favorites. Just to name a few, under General her favorite options are: 

  • Show thumbnail graphics in Windows Explorer.
  • Enable freeze bar. 
  • SOLIDWORKS Customer Experience Improvement Program.

Under the Drawing tab, her favorites are: 

  • Automatically scale new drawing views. 
  • Reuse view letters from deleted auxiliary, detail and section views.
  • Define detail view scaling. 
  • Custom property used as revision.

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