Exploring the Defeature Tool

The Defeature tool in SOLIDWORKS is a great tool used to remove details from assemblies, multibody parts, and single-body parts. This tool can be a great solution for simplifying large assemblies with many components such as bolts with threads.

About This On-Demand Webinar

TriMech Solutions Consultant, Neil Brayman, walks you through the Defeature tool and shows you how to properly reduce your models for whatever application is needed. The simplification of this geometry allows for smoother use of the software. It also is used for proprietary reasons when you share your model outside of your organization and don’t want to release confidential designs.

In this webinar, Neil discusses:

  • The benefits of using the Defeature tool
  • How to create a Defeatured assembly
  • Goes through the different types of defeatured simplifications
  • Shows how to create a configuration of your defeatured assembly
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