Excellerant offers machine data collection and direct numeric control

   By Paul Ludwick on January 23, 2023

Excellerant is a Collaborative Manufacturing Platform that TriMech represents. Excellerant offers DNC (Direct Numeric Control), MDC (Machine Data Collection) as well as connectivity and communication with other sources.  TriMech will typically field security inquires on any of our tools that connect to multiple resources.

This video will concentrate on the security of Excellerant, while it manages various files, data and connectivity to servers and machines.

Excellerant’s security is unmatched in the DNC and MDC market

Excellerant is considered an On-Premise Solution, there is not a cloud installation.  It can be installed on any local or closed system.  During installation we create a second network or VLAN. Typically, we are using 192.168, so it is not a routable subnet. Excellerant is also installed as a Service and not an Application. This means the Active Directory is used for access, not logging into specific machines. This will allow IT to completely lock Excellerant down in case of an external breach.  On the server side, Excellerant only opens the ports it needs to communicate.  All others remain closed. Most of our clients maintain multiple locations for NC File storage. We use UNC Right to gain folder access. Excellerant maintains top levels of encryption throughout the data transfer process. The Data is only unencrypted when it must be interpreted and analyzed.

Wireless installations

Most of our clients take advantage of our wireless installations.  This avoids the need for an ethernet drop at each machine and allows for easy reconfiguration of the shop floor.  Excellerant uses TCPIP Wireless and DRP (Data Relay Point) Technology.   This ensures that there is minimal interruption to production due to connectivity.  Excellerant also supports clients who frequently change Wi-Fi passwords.

What all these great features means, is that Excellerant complies with many Quality and Defense Standards as listed below:

  1. CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification)
  2. ITAR
  3. DOD 8570
  4. FIPS 140-3
  5. DFARS
  6. NIST 800-171
  7. NIST 1800-10
  8. ISO 9001
  9. ISO 13485
  10. AS9100

Excellerant has unmatched security in the DNC and machine data collection (MDC) market. We have several videos available to view. Please contact us to schedule a more specific discussion about your company’s needs or to see a live virtual demonstration.

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