Engineering Services Bring a New Aspect to Increasing Construction Specialties Skill Set

   By TriMech Marketing on June 1, 2018


TriMech is fortunate to work with clients from Maine to Florida and out to Arkansas, offering a range of engineering solutions. This week’s client story showcases Construction Specialties and their use of TriMech Engineering Services.

Construction Specialties (CS) is a leader in architectural building products. CS is a family-owned building products company that provides solutions to complex problems that architects, designers, building owners, facility managers and contractors face every day. 

Taking Advantage of TriMech Engineering Services

CS was in the beginning stages of looking at bringing 3D design and Simulation capability to their team at CS Georgia and after a Google search for a local vendor and support provider, they came across our websiteWithout enough expertise in the simulation or 3D modeling side, they knew they needed the capability and the potential benefits they could get from outsourcing to a local vendor and support provider. According to CS, working with a Technical Manager like Brian and a Project Engineer like Keith was very insightful and helpful for them to understand things like:

Tie Duan

  • What is expected from the project
  • How we approach simulation/3D modeling
  • What information we provide
  • How do they report that progress to us
  • What the final deliverable looks like

We sat down with Research and Development Manager, Tie Duan, to talk about the experience CS had with our Engineering Services. 

Did TriMech’s Project Engineering Group meet your expectations?

Absolutely. If I have any questions, they would always answer within a couple hours, half a day, at max, even when they were working on other projects. Overall, this process for us was more than, “We want X, Y and Z done,” and them coming back with X, Y and Z. We also had the opportunity, during this project, to learn more about the capabilities of the software, the team, as well as, really learn about the material science, engineering and design solutions. From working with TriMech and their extensive experience in other industries, we are learning how to better design, better simulate, and overall, build a better product.

How did your experience with TriMech compare to other projects you’ve outsourced in the past?

The projects we’ve outsourced in the past involved sending small design work for help building a prototype. Depending on the partner or supplier, we’ve had a lot of back and forth: learning from the each other, learning from the process, learning from the experience; so, we can progress. The value TriMech brought to us, was a whole different skill-set we didn’t even realize we lacked. Once we realized that, we wanted to learn how to fill that gap and continue to grow our own resources and staff. TriMech continued to be a good partner and teacher in our continuous learning and exploration.

Do you see yourself using TriMech’s Project Engineering Group in the future?

Absolutely! We have done two projects in the last four months and we have one ongoing right now. My plan is to continue to partner with TriMech for upcoming projects on a regular basis. We would maintain our relationship and continue building a partnership with TriMech, so we can learn and explore the capabilities of the software’s full capacity, so we’re looking forward to working with you guys!

Want to learn what TriMech can do for you? Check out our Engineering Services page or request a quote today! 

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