DriveWorks Specification PowerPack Updated

   By Devin Martin on February 1, 2023

DriveWorks PowerPacks are modules that contain additional specialized functions that are not included in the core DriveWorks software. PowerPacks allow DriveWorks to release new functionality to users through these PowerPacks, rather than having to wait for a major service pack or release. Sometimes PowerPack functionality can make its way into the core DriveWorks software, and other times, it is selected to stay part of the pack itself due to the specific nature of the function, or in order for development of the function to be done at a faster rate. PowerPacks exist for all kinds of functionality including Image manipulation, CAM automation, eCommerce, Salesforce integration, and more! All active subscription customers are entitled to these PowerPacks and updates! Learn more about PowerPacks here.

Celebrating the Release of the Updated DriveWorks Specification PowerPack

Now that we’ve discussed what a PowerPack is, I’m excited to share that the Specification PowerPack has officially received its latest update for DriveWorks 20! As part of the updates, three new functions have been added to the list, as well as two additional tasks. Two of the new functions focus on column manipulation SppTableColumnAddValue() and SppTableColumnMultiplyByValue() these functions allow you to add or multiply all values in a specific column. You can learn more about the function by visiting their respective help files. The third function introduced in the PowerPack is one that I’ve been personally waiting for and very excited to use. The SppConvertJsonToTable() function allows you to convert your JSON returns into DriveWorks tabular data! This makes querying JSON returns much easier and allows for even more simplified JSON manipulation directly within DriveWorks. Anyone using HTTP requests in their DriveWorks project to pull back JSON data, now can even more easily organize the result.

Alongside the three added functions, are two unique tasks. The focus of these tasks is data storage. The two new tasks, Get Environment Variable Value and Get Registry Entry Value allow you to retrieve environment and Registry information straight from your local machine. This means you can save and recall information (like passwords, query strings, and locations) from a local machine. This helps not only with security, but can also provide advantages with moving your implementation between machines or environments.

Visit The DriveWorks Community

Want to learn more about PowerPacks and get plugged into the DriveWorks community even further? Be sure to create an account on the DriveWorks community and visit the DriveWorks forums where DriveWorks users around the world interact and ask questions. DriveWorks shares release information and updates through these forums as well! DriveWorks Paul Gimble has created a great forum post detailing more uses for the new tasks included in the Specification PowerPack. If you’re interested in learning more, sign into the DriveWorks community and visit the post link.

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Devin Martin

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