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   By Devin Martin on July 6, 2023

The Key to Generative Design Automation

Manufacturing Automation Via DriveWorks CPQ

You may have heard terms like “CPQ”, “product configurator”, or maybe even “same but different” floating around recently. If you’ve been wondering what all these terms mean or why they are important for nearly all manufacturing companies, today is the day you find out!

DriveWorks Pro is a CPQ tool for manufacturing companies. CPQ stands for “Configure, Price, Quote”. DriveWorks integrates into ERP, CRM, websites, and more to deliver a single system where products can be easily configured with live pricing, and then instantly quoted. DriveWorks has a simple to set up back end interface that allows you to manage customer accounts, dealer portals, and more!

The functionality of DriveWorks doesn’t stop there though. DriveWorks not only delivers an interactive website front end where products can be configured and previewed live, it also AUTOMATES! DriveWorks Pro does SOLIDWORKS design automation better than any other tool out there. Companies large and small use DriveWorks to automate their “same but different” designs decreasing their engineering lead time, while increasing their capacity to handle custom products.

 What is Generative Design?

Generative Design in driveworks generation tasks

What’s so special about generative design and how does it differ from standard “master model” generation? A typical CPQ system is BOM based with limited manufacturing flexibility. This means the system must be built out ahead of time, with many BOM permutations set up and linked to existing part numbers. DriveWorks is a CPQ system built from the ground up with manufacturing companies in mind. It works from RULES BASED automation which allows BOMs and manufacturing data (SOLIDWORKS parts, assemblies, drawings, and more) to be generated completely on the fly. Sometimes there are just too many options to set up a standard starting point though, how does DriveWorks automate products that are “too complex to automate”?

This is where generative design comes in! DriveWorks has the ability to not only modify existing geometry in parts, assemblies, and drawings, but it can also add new geometry using generation tasks. DriveWorks can be used to insert new SOLIDWORKS features, build a custom layout assembly from scratch, and generate drawings with auto balloons and dimensions even if they never existed before!

generation tasks

How can I take advantage of generation tasks?

Use DriveWorks Generation tasks to automate parts and assemblies that you think might be too complex to automate, or simplify the automation of existing projects! Generation tasks are easy to implement and are found right inside the DriveWorks pro interface. A few of my favorite generation tasks to get started with are:

  • Insert Library Feature >
    • The Insert Library Feature will insert a named Library Feature onto a named Face of a part.
    • You can modify the location, size, and configuration of the library feature.
    • Use this task to add new features to a model, especially when there are a large number of varying options.
  • Insert Component >
    • The Insert Component Generation Task will insert a Component into an Assembly.
    • Build an assembly from the ground up with this task!
    • You can specify the configuration of the component.
    • Locate the component to insert via file path.
  • Auto Dimension Drawing >
    • The Auto Dimension Drawing View Generation Task will insert annotations (dimensions) on a named view or all views on a drawing.
    • This allows you to easily add and remove features and parts from parts and assemblies without worrying about missing dimensions.

DriveWorks Generation Tasks industry examples

If you would like to see some of these tasks in action, you can visit and try some of the industry specific examples for yourself! DriveWorks’ best in class design automation has the power to simplify your engineering process, and reduce lead time, all through an easy to use interface which can be managed in house with no programming experience required!

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