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   By Devin Martin on April 27, 2022

CPQ may be a term you have started to hear increasingly in the marketing and manufacturing world. The abbreviation CPQ stands for configure, price and quote.

A CPQ system is a tool specifically designed to make these three functions easier, quicker and more efficient. With the rise of the digital age and industry 4.0, it makes sense that websites and digital selling have become a higher priority. While physically going into a store or business used to be the only way to make a purchase, today we can customize and buy just about anything online or through an app. Enter CPQ.

A web facing CPQ tool can let you customize and configure anything from a new car, or sofa, to the pizza you ate for dinner – the method of configuring online, getting a live price for the selected options, and then getting an automatic quote (or just making the purchase straight from the website) is exactly what a CPQ tool is supposed to do.


DriveWorks CPQ for manufacturing is a configure, price, quote tool specifically designed for manufacturing companies. DriveWorks was built from the ground up to assist companies with customer/vendor interaction and the selling process. DriveWorks CPQ allows for you to embed configurable and realistic 3D previews on your company website allowing anyone (on any device) to easily choose their customized product options and request a quote. Using DriveWorks CPQ, you’ll be able to respond to customer inquiries faster, improve the customer experience with guided selling and 3D visualization, and automatically generate all the documents and data to sell and manufacture custom products.

Online Dynamic forms and 3D previews

Customize any of your products – no matter how complex, on any device, anywhere! DriveWorks CPQ lets you capture your business, sales, engineering, and manufacturing knowledge in rules making even the most complicated products easy to navigate.

Customizable dynamic user forms allow for a product to be configured with questions based on application rather than purely specifications. You shouldn’t have to be a product expert to configure something that will work for you. Ask the right questions and guide the customer to the right solution.


Choosing options on a website is great but allowing customers and vendors to see the changes update live, and in 3D can take things to a whole new level of detail. Your customers can find comfort in seeing the results of their selections before prototypes or approval drawings are made. Having a dynamic 3D preview truly is worth 1,000 words.


How to leverage Industry 4.0: CPQ and Design Automation >>

Let’s talk more about “guided selling”

DriveWorks CPQ allows for you to create customized user forms that are responsive, and dynamic based on selected options. This means a customer doesn’t need to be an expert on your product to configure and purchase it. Using DriveWorks’ rules-based forms, you can guide a customer or vendor through the entire configuration process ensuring the result is exactly the right product.

Guided selling ensures sales teams and distributors always meet customer requirements faster with valid configurations that can be manufactured. Remove the need to consult with engineering before quoting product configurations. With DriveWorks CPQ you can unlock the potential of new salespeople sooner with an easy-to-use configurator that contains the knowledge of your most experienced team members.

Where other CPQ systems fall short….

DriveWorks CPQ is an amazing tool for customer interaction and guided selling, but did we mention DriveWorks is a full-blown design automation tool as well? DriveWorks CPQ was built with two core functions in mind, CPQ for sales teams, and CAD automation for engineering! This makes DriveWorks one of the most unique CPQ tools on the market today. While most CPQ solutions stop at the quote, DriveWorks continues to integrate into business solutions and the Engineering process.


DriveWorks can easily generate order-specific sales and manufacturing documents, which are created automatically. It can automatically send emails with generated documents and approval drawings attached and even create BOMs, cut lists, and supporting documents for manufacturing! DriveWorks is not only a best-in-class CPQ tool for sales and websites but also a best-in-class design automation tool for SOLIDWORKS.

As a certified gold partner of SOLIDWORKS, DriveWorks can automatically create order specific SOLIDWORKS part and assembly models instantly. DriveWorks advanced drawing automation capabilities makes creating made to order manufacturing drawings a breeze. DriveWorks design automation capabilities can help automate engineering giving you more time to work on new product design and one-off products.

The complete solution

DriveWorks is the complete CPQ solution for manufacturing. Designed to assist with companies from sales all the way through engineering and manufacturing, DriveWorks CPQ is the total package when it comes to configure, price, quote solutions. Learn more about DriveWorks CPQ capabilities here:

Use the link below to learn more about DriveWorks CPQ in our on-demand webinar. 


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