Design to Manufacture: H350 Printer Keychain Sample Part

   By Mario De Lio on March 15, 2023

Stratasys H350 printer incorporates a proprietary powder piece, selective absorption fusion technology (SAF) that enables it to be a powerful manufacturing system that can deliver high levels of throughput.

In addition to delivering high levels of throughput, the H350 also enables the ability to foster design creativity without the need to apply extensive design for additive manufacturing principles. Let’s dive into a practical design example to help illustrate some of the benefits of this new technology.

Print without supports on the H350

Firstly, let’s consider the print ability in respects to traditional additive manufacturing technologies such as FDM. As you can see in the GrabCAD viewer, the complex geometry within the part would result in a very complex and hard to remove supporting structure highlighted in this orange color. To combat this, the H350 lays down a bit of powder which acts as a support for the next layer. This results in a self-supporting part and enables designers to develop more organic models without being constrained to printer or supporting limitations.

SAF sample part keychain in GrabCAD print

Design freedom for complex geometry

Another huge benefit when it comes to the H350 printer is its ability for the technology to consolidate assemblies into single parts. If I were to build this part using traditional manufacturing methods, I would likely have several components, including hardware and caps center and fasteners. With the H350 3D printer, I simply need to design the parts as one model and can print it as is saving the huge costs associated with part assembly. The last major benefit I want to discuss is the ability to utilize the H350 as a manufacturing solution. When people think about 3D printing, they often refer to the early days of 3D printing, which were slow and inaccurate. Recent advancements in the industry have shifted this perspective, and now systems like the H350 are considered to be a viable resource for end use part production.

SAF sample part keychain

High Yield Production

Take the last example of the keychain part. If I were to fully nest this part and utilize this printer to its fullest capacity, I would be able to print 4,800 individual parts in a 24-hour production cycle. This would have been considered to be impossible before SAF and the H350. The Stratasys H350 3D printer and SAF technology presents a new manufacturing solution which fosters design freedom, part consolidation into assemblies and high levels of throughput.

To learn more about the high yield production capabilities of SAF with a cost breakdown read our article “SAF powder bed 3D printer wins at quick turnarounds and producing cost-effective parts”.

SAF sample part keychain nesting density

Material Options

SAF technology currently supports two types of powder-based materials, Nylon PA11 and Nylon PA12 with Polypropylene coming soon. These materials provide excellent properties that allow real life manufacturing and end use part applications. In fact, Stratasys partnered with ROUSH to produce a front camera housing for the Ford F150 that was installed on new production trucks. 

SAF parts

Enhancing parts with DyeMansion

These parts have great properties right out of the printer, but with DyeMansion Vapor Smoothing technology you can get even smoother parts with increased chemical resistance. For this keychain part, we have a moving spring component, which was not well suited for the Vapor Smoothing process.

Blue and Gray SAF parts


Relying on the experts at DyeMansion, we went with a Shot Peening process called PolyShot Surfacing on the PowerShot S and Deep Dye Coloring in the DM60. This resulted in a smoother surface finish and a bold scratch resistant color.  

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