DELMIAWorks: ERP Born on the Shop Floor

   By TriMech Marketing on August 3, 2020

There are many behind the scenes tools that make a company become and continue to be successful. Much like the more visible people and obvious products, a software running backstage is extremely important and can have significant impacts on a company’s bottom line at best, and its livelihood at worse. If you’re a manufacturing company or one which provides supply chain services, then you have a system in place to serve as the backbone of your business that connects all the various business units. But instead of separate disconnected systems, today’s best in class companies opt for one system that connects all the separate business units, DELMIAWORKS.


Shop floor efficiency with DELMIAWORKSDELMIAWORKS is an end-to-end ERP system developed to increase performance in shop floors by providing more efficiency and visibility. Instead of having different software and multiple databases all bolted together with custom coding, companies have chosen DELMIAWORKS as the one tool to connect teams across different areas such as:

  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • Inventory
  • Shipping
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Quality

From a single connected system, the right person can always find the right data at the right time and your company can get a product from front door to back dock quicker. With the latest developments in the ERP and Manufacturing Execution System (MES) space, companies can streamline their processes and eliminate data related mistakes. This even sets the foundation for practical Industry 4.0. 

Industry 4.0

The connectivity doesn’t stop with people. Your machines can be connected as well through real-time machine monitoring and you can get live monitoring of your manufacturing floor. This lays the groundwork for your manufacturing facility to leverage practical Industry 4.0. Industry 4.0 is one of those buzz words we hear a lot. If buzz words were a flavor of the month, this month’s flavor would be industry 4.0 – but for good reason! With interconnected machines companies find that they are more agile than ever before. This helps maximize efficiency and cut down on production costs.

Companies are turning to DELMIAWORKS for a complete MES that is less like another piece of software and more like an ecosystem that enables manufacturing companies to thrive. DELMIAWORKS is the answer to questions like “How can my company function at peak efficiency?” and “How we exceed our client’s expectations?”

ConnectivityWith DELMIAWORKS, your company will tear down data silos where different groups are using different systems that are (maybe?) connected and up to date. Through one connected database, everyone in any department looks at the same data just through different “lenses” that are set up with security and permissions so that everyone has access to the data they need.


How Does DELMIAWORKS Function?

So how does all this work? DELMIAWORKS is not like any other ERP tool out there. It’s the only one tailored specifically for your factory’s environment. It was born on the shop floor through a manufacturing engineer at GE some thirty years ago. Since day one it has been made with manufacturers in mind. It connects everything from the front door to the back dock.


It all starts when an order comes in the front d oor. When a sales order is processed you can get up-to-the-minute insight into the scheduling so you know exactly when the part can ship. This is all based on the Bill of Manufacture (BOM), inventory and machine capacity. With all these different things connected to one another you can get accurate scheduling and planning of your products. Being able to share with your customers an accurate promise date couldn’t be easier.

With the latest developments in MES, visibility throughout your entire manufacturing value chain is now possible. With just one source of data and one connected tool, each person in different departments gets their unique lens to see the data differently. No more fingers crossed and hoping that the different systems and bolted on applications are up-to-date and talking to one another. No more praying that the custom scripting is working. There are no customization or additional tools with DELMIAWORKS. Just configure it to your liking and your business is ready for practical Industry 4.0, built on the foundation of DELMIAWORKS.

Want to learn more about DELMIAWORKS and how to improve manufacturing efficiency? Download our white paper, where you’ll read from three different manufacturers and how they applied IoT and Industry 4.0 concepts to optimize manufacturing operations.

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