DELMIAWorks Digital Manufacturing and Design

Learn how to leverage DELMIAWorks ERP to overcome the barriers to Digital Manufacturing. This Recorded webinar is an introduction to Digital Manufacturing and Design with SOLIDWORKSDELMIAWorks, and 3DEXPERIENCE Works.

This 40 Minute video focuses on:

  • Expand usage of existing SOLIDWORKS data from design through manufacturing and production
  • Gain visibility to manufacturing operations in real-time
  • Using dashboards to communicate, collaborate and drive decision making

RealTime Production Monitoring

DELMIAWorks RealTime Production Monitoring takes plant management to a higher level, supporting machine management in true real-time. All aspects of production are tracked immediately as parts are being made and applied to the shop orders, automatically updating the schedule and finished product counts. The result of this embedded solution is improved efficiency, visibility and productivity. Take control of the plant floor with the DELMIAWorks Production Monitoring module from DELMIAWorks.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is broadly touted for its potential to help boost productivity for manufacturers. DELMIAWorks is a proven leader in this technology. Building on experience from customer automation projects for two decades, DELMIAWorks has been innovating automated monitoring of equipment and process parameters on the shop floor with proven Return on Investment (ROI):

  • Automatically and continuously measure production output, equipment capability and process parameters such as temperature, pressure, flow, current, position, speed, size, etc.
  • Monitor the heartbeat of your plant on the intuitive shop floor overview display and SPC charts from your equipment’s smart sensors, existing automation controls or DELMIAWorks designed and built integration PLCs to instrument older machines with add-on sensors.
  • RT Charts analytics constantly monitor parameter behavior against set limits on capabilities.

The event-based notification system enables you to capture and evaluate data for predictive alerts, proactive decision making, and timely corrective actions.

Simplify your automation project with one-stop integration engineering

When it comes to thoughtful application of technology, you can trust DELMIAWorks to simplify the process. DELMIAWorks provides comprehensive and experienced planning and set up of integration to your equipment, automation controls and/or sensors added to older equipment with DELMIAWorks own interface hardware – PLCs, machine state light poles, RT Station rugged industrial touch screen tablets and more. Whether you need “big data” capture and software tools for management and analysis or simply a comprehensive view of your entire shop floor, you will work with DELMIAWorks automation engineers to assure a successful technology project.

Mobile technology enables you to stay connected as you are on the go

DELMIAWorks MES 4.0 tools and options interface with today’s mobile technology. While it is impractical to try running your entire operation from a smartphone, it can be a handy window into key information to enable you to quickly respond to customer, supplier or team member questions.

From the dozens of apps available, choose to review production metrics, check inventory, accept workflow requests and approve document changes on the fly.

Your data is your data – see it flow where it needs to go

With the powerful and flexible data exchange web-service interface, DELMIAWorks MES 4.0 can be integrated with your existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to enable you to make fact-based decisions in real-time, with all of your critical information flowing easily back and forth between the systems. If it is time to consider replacing your aging ERP system, DELMIAWorks has a comprehensive wall-to-wall manufacturing enterprise solution. DELMIAWorks native capability is unique in covering your entire business from the front office processes like CRM, Estimating, Quoting, Sales, Engineering, Purchasing, HR, Payroll, and Accounting, through to MES, Shipping and EDI managed on a single, scalable database.

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